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We started Simplify to fix the issues we faced while recruiting.

After trying virtually every job board and recruiting website out there, one thing became clear: candidates needed a platform specifically designed with them in mind.



I've discovered tons of exciting companies on Simplify that I would have never found myself, and ended up signing an offer within a week of applying to the job!

Winston H.

Operations Intern @ FYPM

New Grad/Entry Level

Simplify has saved me hours of time getting through the most tedious parts of the job search process, helping me to discover more opportunities quickly.

Rio L.

Analyst @ Deloitte

Experienced Job Seekers

Simplify notified me about Google's APM program as soon as it opened and helped me apply quickly, which was crucial in helping me land the offer early!

Grace H.

APM @ Google

How Simplify Works


Autofill job apps in one-click

Install the Simplify browser extension to autofill your applications and automatically track where you apply!


Job lists curated just for you

Browse collections of jobs made by us and the community that uniquely fit your passions & interests.

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Get Matched With Your Ideal Role

Simplify makes it easy for job seekers to find the perfect role at high growth companies with our job-matching quiz.


Stay Organized With One Centralized Dashboard

Simplify's automatic application tracking system provides you with a central place to organize and view the status of all your job applications.


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Simplify is the top platform for discovering, applying for, and landing opportunities. Find thousands of listings in every field, check out our curated lists to narrow down your search, and remember to take our job-matching quiz. Get personalized recommendations, use our autofill tool to speed through applications, and keep an eye on your personal dashboard to track the status of every role you decide to put your hat in the ring.