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APIs to make your app multiplayer, just like Figma

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Company Overview
Snippyly is building APIs that bring Figma-like multiplayer & collaborative experience to any app. Imagine powering every shared experience on the web - like working together, booking trips together, learning together, etc – Snippyly is on a mission to help businesses build collaboration-first software.
  • Competitive equity
  • Employer-paid medical & dental coverage
  • Meal stipend
  • 401(k) plan
  • Gym stipend
  • House cleaning stipend
  • Internet stipend
  • Paid vacation
Company Core Values
  • Speed: This is our superpower. We need to move fast in all aspects - Product, tech, gtm, hiring etc. We need to be biased towards action rather than just making plans and thinking of great ideas.
  • Simplicity: This is another superpower. Only when you understand something deep enough, can you explain it in simple words.
  • Hunger: We need to be hungry to make progress, to learn, to deliver etc. Hunger creates a strong disregard for the obvious and a strong bias towards action. For us degrees don't matter.
  • Persistence: A lot of what we do is hard and will take time. This requires a very high degree of persistence. We might fail a thousand times. All that means is we will know a thousand ways of what doesn't work but it will get us closer to the truth.
  • Kindness: This is at the heart of all we do. Always assume good intent and always give benefit of doubt.
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Rakesh Goyal


Today, 99% of all online tools we use are siloed and not collaborative. They are not built collaboration-first. With Snippyly, we will fix this.