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Product Design Manager
Posted on 12/24/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Business Strategy
Product Design
  • Experience built on the belief that thoughtful design can actually make life easier for busy founders. We aim to bring simplicity and humanity to an industry that's known for being anything but. Our designers craft products that create impact in their efficiency, and add practical magic to the mundane
  • Mercury is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust®; Members FDIC
  • You've led a creative team of any size. Extra points if you've helped grow a team from medium to large
  • You ideally have at least a few years of experience designing elegant products with great underlying complexity
  • You enjoy thinking critically about product and genuinely enjoy building things people will actually like using
  • You understand how to build magic that's practical for the business
  • You like meeting people from all types of backgrounds, and can build strong relationships with counterparts across the company
  • You're good at wrangling ambiguity and finding ways to improve the world around you, even when nobody's told you to do so
  • You can tell when you've hit on the right amount of process/structure without it feeling stifling or unnecessary
  • You keep up on design trends and like staying in practice
  • You can tell when something's good and articulate clearly (and kindly) when it's not
  • You're adept at asking questions that aren't just answers or opinions in disguise
  • And for extra credit, you have a sense of humor
  • Learn our product, business, brand, and processes inside and out
  • Once you know how it all works, help us come up with ways to improve
  • Bring design vision and excellence to the swath of product you're responsible for
  • Know your team and help them both prioritize projects for maximum impact and create their best quality work
  • Use 1:1s to provide coaching and mentorship, build a team that feels like a Team, and make sure nobody feels burnt out
  • Plan team trips, organize working sessions, share inspo, and encourage collaborative projects that make our remote, distributed group feel less remote and distributed
  • Document and evangelize what works (design systems, team meetings, internal processes), and ditch what doesn't
  • Create an environment where people feel comfortable pushing back on work that doesn't hit the mark, and model radical candor with feedback that's provocative rather than prescriptive
  • Help guide our product roadmap & business strategy
  • Plan for when and where we need to hire more great people, and then help us hire them

201-500 employees

Banking for startups
Company Overview
Mercury is on a mission to build a banking stack for startups. The company provides banking services and APIs for startups.
  • Health, dental, & vision
  • Custom equipment setup
  • 401(K) matching
  • 12+ weeks paid parental leave
  • Book budget
  • Wellness benefits
  • Grocery budget
  • Paid lunch
  • Personalized callsign
  • Unlimited vacation policy (with mandatory minimum)
Company Core Values
  • Think actively: Question processes. Give thoughtful responses. Find the best way instead of going by how it’s always been done.
  • Appreciate quality: Take pride in crafting a lasting product. Work with the best equipment. Invest in great things that improve your life.
  • Be super helpful: Go above and beyond to solve problems. Exercise empathy. Deliver magic to customers and coworkers.
  • Maximize efficiency: Minimize unnecessary meetings and management. Work together with others to get the job finished.
  • Act with humility: Treat everyone with respect. Leave egos at the door.
  • Focus on product: Ask yourself how the product can be better today than it was yesterday.