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Acoustics Engineer
SEA Analyst
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Centennial, CO, USA
Experience Level
  • Master's degree in Engineering, Physics or related field with at least 10+ years of experience
  • Experience with computational acoustic analysis techniques
  • Experience with wave6, or similar, FEM, BEM, SEA modeling software
  • Understanding of structural acoustics and noise control engineering practices
  • Experience in validation of analysis results against other sources, such as test data, previously published literature, and theoretical source models
  • Experience with testing standards, instrumentation, signal conditioning, verifying boundary & environmental conditions
  • Experience with transmission loss testing of components, T60 measurements, sound intensity measurement, etc
  • Computer programming skills, with experience in MATLAB and Python
  • Effective communication skills and collaborative mindset
  • Experience with developing aircraft interior solutions
  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Acoustics, or related field
  • Experience with modal testing and analysis of aircraft components
  • Practical experience with coupled vibro-acoustic radiation problems
  • Experience with prediction and measurement of interior cabin noise levels
  • Knowledge of current state-of-the-art acoustic technologies and technologies under development
  • Experience making measurements in anechoic/hemi-anechoic chambers/tunnels including transmission loss testing
  • Noise and vibration measurement and data acquisition skills, and fluent in associated data analysis methodology
  • Experience with flight testing, cabin noise surveys, and aircraft certification
  • Experience with RTCA DO-160 vibration criteria
  • Experience with computer aided design software such as CATIA
  • Develop and maintain models for interior cabin noise predictions
  • Work with external testing facilities to quantify acoustic properties of subassemblies and related materials needed for modeling
  • Work with other groups to define requirements and guide design decisions for the interior sound package of Overture
  • Provide guidance to other engineering teams to reduce the noise impact of their system on Overture interior cabin noise
  • Develop models to predict interior cabin acoustic and vibration levels
  • Coordinate component level testing required to support model development
  • Assist in design definition of the interior sound package for the Overture aircraft
  • Research existing technologies or develop new approaches to optimize acoustic performance while minimizing weight
  • Perform acoustic analyses (source data coming from either simulation or experiment) on aircraft systems and components, including building analysis tools and scripts
  • Operate simulation tools, and/or advise others in the operation of those tools, that produce acoustics and vibration data
  • Develop test plans for technology development and verification of design
  • Perform acoustic trades studies to inform design decisions from an acoustic perspective
  • Present detailed data and design recommendations based on findings
  • Travel may be required, up to 10%
Boom Supersonic

51-200 employees

Commercial supersonic airplane manufacturer
Company Overview
Boom Supersonic’s mission is to make the world dramatically more accessible. The company is developing supersonic aircrafts to enable cities that are rarely visited to become major travel destinations, let people attend meetings in far-off places and return for evenings with their loved ones, have global leaders solve crises in person, and let children grow up in a world where nothing is foreign.
Company Core Values
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Sustainability