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Customer Engineer
Posted on 10/14/2022
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • You're comfortable diving into the weeds
  • You have broad technical knowledge and a hunger to learn new topics quickly
  • You have exceptional communication skills and can communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • You thrive in fast-paced environments with a high degree of autonomy
  • Have a degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Have good working knowledge of Python, SQL, Javascript, and shell scripting
  • Be comfortable interacting w/ customers & diving into the weeds of our business
  • Be highly organized, with strong attention to detail
  • Be fluent in English, both verbal and written

11-50 employees

Benefits administration software
Company Overview
Benepass’ mission is to help companies distribute meaningful benefits that support the personal and professional well-being of their team. The company’s platform helps employers give access to benefits to their employees for onboarding and offboarding while also providing payroll integration and tax compliance.
  • Healthcare: We pay $430 per month toward your health insurance and fully cover dental and vision. You also get membership to OneMedical, Teladoc and Talkspace
  • Flexible, autonomous work: We’re remote first so live where you’re most happy. We come together in-person as a team 3-4 times per year.
  • Benepass perks: $500 to set up your home office, $100 per month for wellness, however you define it, $150 per month for home internet and cell phone, $150 per month for co-working
Company Core Values
  • Empathetic: Listen and make others feel heard. Be respectful. No assholes
  • Seek joy: Have fun! Celebrate wins big and small, personal and professional, team and individual.
  • Set audacious goals: Disruption and innovation are hard by definition. We dream big and achieve big.
  • Clarify purpose: State the obvious. Avoid assumptions. Ask the question.
  • Write it down: Decisions are made when there is written agreement. Meeting artifacts are written.
  • Take ownership: Not blame. Ownership is end-to-end, penny-for-penny. Mistakes happen, and they’re opportunities for growth.
  • Serve people teams - and their employees. In that order.
  • Bias toward action: Share work at 50%. Optimize reversible decision for speed.
  • Obligation to dissent: Debate kindly. Assume good intent.