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Engineering Technician
Posted on 4/7/2022
San Jose, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Experience post-silicon/HW validation methodologies and lab equipment
  • Experience with Open Source OS and Linux Kernel Preferred Qualifications
  • Able to perform rework and soldering
  • Experience in bug tracking database process and procedures
  • Experience with Standard Server/Chassis Platform Architecture
  • Knowledge of digital system and basic system debugging
  • Able to read and interpret schematics and cable drawings
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills, including written and verbal
  • Performs moderately complex electro-mechanical technical functions and activities such as design, test, checkout, fabrication, modification, troubleshooting and assembly of electronics and electro-mechanical systems, experimental design circuitry, prototype models, specialized test equipment, tools and test fixtures
  • Works from schematics, diagrams, written and verbal descriptions, layouts or plans to perform routine testing and troubleshooting
  • Deploy consistent hardware and software solutions across benches and racks
  • Support engineers for remote debug, data collection, setup, and issue resolution
  • Automate lab solution deployment at a scale
  • Evaluate and deploy BKMs to optimize lab efficiency
  • Deploy and maintain IT solutions for lab infrastructure and trouble shoot enterprise software issues
  • Ensure different lab & Fire safety compliance
  • Utilize lab equipment like MSO / BERT scope, thermal setup and maintain them for calibration and compliance
  • Perform DDR & PCIE characterization, compliance and help in doing related data acquisition
  • Assistance in hardware rework efforts like replacing components or repairing platforms
  • Co-ordinate with procurement, shipping & receiving departments in the movement of lab equipment, components and platforms
  • Manage and prepare periodic reports for lab inventory, capital assets, and customer assets
Ampere is a semi-conductor company.
Company mission
Ampere is a semi-conductor company.