Phd Program

Tissue Reprogramming

Updated on 6/10/2024

Retro Biosciences

Retro Biosciences

51-200 employees

Develops therapies to combat aging and diseases



San Carlos, CA, USA

  • STEM MS or a BS
  • Proven ability to drive things to completion by yourself and in the team
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, time management, and attention to detail
  • Passion for research on aging and age-related diseases
  • Ability to present science clearly and concisely
  • Excellent scientific writing skills
  • At least 2 years of experience in a molecular biology lab
  • Basic molecular biology skills
  • Hands-on mouse work
  • Experience with cellular reprogramming and gene therapy
  • Experience with DNA construct design, NGS, computational analysis, or mouse model development
  • Plan and execute wet lab and/or computational experiments
  • Participate in cutting edge research with the team
  • Select research topics collaboratively
  • Foster collaboration with internal groups
  • Produce studies, publish and present results
  • Write a thesis and at least 3 papers
  • Conduct formal oral thesis defense
  • Lean into the immersive experience
  • Meet growth expectations and milestones

Retro Biosciences is committed to advancing healthcare by focusing on the development of therapies that target aging mechanisms. This focus not only contributes to increasing health spans but also offers significant advancements in combatting age-related diseases through innovative approaches like cellular reprogramming and autophagy. The company's dedication to cutting-edge research and a strong emphasis on developing plasma-inspired therapeutics positions it as a leader in the niche field of age-related healthcare solutions, making it an excellent workplace for those passionate about making a real impact on the future of medicine.

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