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Head of Sales
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Lead Generation
  • Mission-driven. You care deeply that your work is making a positive impact on the world, and you are not content until you are making that impact at scale. You need to work in service of a mission you believe in, and the TeachFX mission resonates strongly with you
  • A sales expert who's also a real person. You can talk CAC, LTV, and ARR with the best of them, but what makes you great at what you do is your ability to build meaningful, genuine relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds. You're a great listener who understands the unique needs of each prospective customer you connect with, and you know how you and your team can best support them to address those needs. Our business model might look like a typical B2B SaaS company, but really we sell “M2M” (mission-to-mission)...and you get what it means to find values-aligned partners who care about changing the world in a similar way that we do
  • A creative and strategic thinker who's laser-focused on results. You're thoughtful and deliberate, and know how to turn audacious goals into reality. You're data-driven and eager to test hypotheses about which strategies and tactics will enable you to achieve your goals. You're low ego, and will implement the idea that produces the results you're looking for, even if it's not your own
  • An excellent communicator. When conflict arises, you know how to listen and talk through it. You are open and transparent in your thinking and never leave important things unsaid
  • A servant leader. You understand that the job is about serving others -- helping your colleagues flourish in their roles and helping our prospective partner schools and districts thrive in creating better learning environments for kids
  • Develop, implement, and own our revenue strategy. You'll own our revenue strategy from start to finish, drawing on prior successful sales experience to hit ambitious growth targets. You will work closely with our Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, and Head of Success to improve lead flow, customer fit, pipeline conversion, renewals, and expansions, and to achieve our team's goals of making impact at an ever greater scale. You understand how to track and evaluate what is working, and when to invest more resources in a given approach. You know how to choose and evaluate strategic experiments and, when successful, incorporate them into your larger strategy. Ultimately, you will be responsible for building a repeatable, scalable sales process that reliably converts leads into customers at a best-in-class rate
  • Build and grow relationships with current and prospective K-16 partners. As our sales leader, you'll be accountable for the success and growth of school, district, and university partnerships at all stages of the funnel. You'll lead the sales team to launch new partnerships and expand existing partnerships. As a direct contributor, you'll also have your own accounts and will own relationships with our biggest prospective partners. You know how to take an enterprise deal through the buyer's journey from initial interest to discovery calls with multiple stakeholders, demoing, implementation planning, deal negotiation, technical conversations, and close
  • Create and lead an amazing team. You will support our sales team (which we call our “Partnerships” team) with coaching, mentorship, reflection, deal reviews, and observations to strengthen their performance. You will develop and strengthen the resources our sales team needs to succeed, such as our sales playbook and sales collateral. You will help our current team develop and grow while also expanding that team -- hiring, training, and developing new team members who contribute positively to the culture, mission, and goals of the company
  • Work collaboratively and cross-functionally. You'll work especially closely with our Success and Marketing teams to ensure that we're bringing on the right values-aligned partners and are positioning our team, processes, and partners to successfully scale. You understand that sales is critical in setting the stage for a successful partnership, and that job of sales extends far beyond simply “closing the deal.” You also understand how customer relationships at all stages can be our most powerful marketing tool, and you know how to nurture those relationships and identify opportunities for lead generation
  • Serve the organization as a leader and keeper of our culture. You'll lead by example as you live our values of Service, Understanding, Creativity, Dialogue, and Excellence, and you'll work to ensure that TeachFX is a great place to work for everyone on our team!

11-50 employees

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