Senior Technical VFX Artist
Updated on 2/2/2024
Cloud Chamber
Montreal, QC, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Unreal Engine
Adobe Photoshop
Art, Graphics & Animation
  • 5+ Years of experience in AAA game development or equivalent
  • Strong understanding of VFX workflows and scalable solutions for game development
  • Experience in Unreal Engine 4/5, and its Materials and Blueprinting Workflows
  • Advanced knowledge with authoring software such as 3DS Max/Maya, Photoshop, Substance Designer or similar
  • Experience with Houdini and/or Embergen
  • Knowledge of programming or scripting languages
  • Highly motivated with strong communication skills
  • Able to pivot, iterate and engage in positive critical discussion and problem solving
  • Create Visual Effects that captivate and engage the audience
  • Work with the VFX Lead and collaborate with the Team and associated departments to assess and identify opportunities in the workflow and toolkit
  • Quickly prototype proof-of-concept workflows and tools that can be adopted into the larger day-to-day workflows of the team
  • Work closely with Core Tech and Tech Art departments to help broadcast and communicate the needs of the department
  • Act as a key contributor in the closing out of the game
  • Communicate effectively with team members, production, and management to ensure that project goals and deadlines are met
  • Receive, give, and apply feedback effectively while maintaining a constructive attitude
Desired Qualifications
  • Knowledge of Niagara modules logic is a plus
  • Positive force multiplier with a great team-player attitude
  • Open to build and expand upon the knowledge base of an experienced team
  • Strong aptitude for organization, exploration, and documentation
  • Humble, open to coaching, the iterative process, and group critique
  • Self-motivated towards solving creative problems