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Software Development Engineer
Cloud Platform
Posted on 4/1/2022
Remote • San Diego, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • A team player
  • Comfortable with Agile/Scrum, two week Sprints, and Jira
  • Able to consistently deliver on promises
  • Always excited to lift others on the team up
  • Not afraid to ask for help
  • A true full-stack developer, with a passion for, and skills on, both the front and back end
  • Experienced with one or more modern Front End frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue
  • Experienced with one or more backend languages and associated frameworks
  • Experienced with API design, development and maintenance in production (REST)
  • Have an ability to discuss the fundamentals of testing, its different types and why they matter
  • Experienced with CI/CD, deployment tools, pipelines and processes
  • Familiar with software development best practices and principles
  • Loves to collaborate with a team on planning complex, large scale initiatives
  • Able to advocate persuasively for your beliefs and compromise to help the whole company succeed
  • Able to demonstrate ownership of, not just participation in, multiple successful, related projects
  • Breadth and depth of experience with multiple server-side languages/frameworks:Particularly Node/Express, PHP/Laravel. Others are welcome
  • Serverless API Development: API Gateway, Lambda, Node, Serverless/SAM
  • Experience with designing and maintaining high availability systems
  • Mentoring and teaching experience
  • A bachelor's degree in software engineering or equivalent
Platform Science

201-500 employees

Telematics & fleet management for trucking
Company Overview
Platform's mission is to make transportation smarter.
Company Values
  • One Team: We proudly welcome people of various backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives to join us in creating a better road for the future
  • Resiliency: Work with a team that thinks outside the box to come up with innovative solutions
  • Empathy: Know your feelings are valid and valued by the people on your team and within the company
  • Thinking: Feel confident sharing your ideas with others and encourage your teammates to openly express their thoughts
  • Transparency: Strive for open, honest communication with your fellow team members to establish a mutual sense of trust