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201-500 employees

AI research firm creating reliable, interpretable systems
Company Overview
Anthropic stands out as a leader in the AI research industry, with a focus on creating reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems, demonstrated by their first product, Claude, an AI assistant designed for tasks of any scale. The company's diverse and interdisciplinary team, with expertise in ML, physics, policy, and product, fosters a collaborative culture that drives the development of beneficial AI systems. Their broad research interests, encompassing areas such as natural language, human feedback, scaling laws, reinforcement learning, code generation, and interpretability, position them at the forefront of technical innovation in AI.
AI & Machine Learning

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San Francisco, California

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San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Sales & Account Management
  • 5+ years of startup and/or mid-market sales experience, driving adoption of emerging technologies with a consultative, solutions-oriented sales approach
  • A track record of managing complex sales cycles and securing strategic deals by understanding multifaceted technical requirements and crafting tailored solutions
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate dynamic stakeholder ecosystems, building consensus and providing innovative solutions to disparate groups
  • Extensive experience negotiating complex, customized commercial agreements with multiple stakeholders
  • Proven experience exceeding revenue targets in fast-paced organizations by effectively managing an evolving pipeline and sales process
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present confidently and build connections across all customer levels, from ICs to C-level executives
  • A knack for bringing order to chaos and an enthusiastic “roll up your sleeves'' mentality. You are a true team player
  • A strategic, analytical approach to assessing markets combined with creative, tactical execution to capture opportunities
  • A passion for and/or experience with advanced AI systems. You feel strongly about ensuring frontier AI systems are developed safely
  • Win new business and drive revenue for Anthropic. Find your way to the right people at prospective customers, educate them about LLMs, and help them succeed with Anthropic. You'll own the full sales cycle, from first outbound to launch
  • Design and execute innovative sales strategies to meet and exceed revenue quotas. Analyze market landscapes, trends, and dynamics to translate high-level plans into targeted sales activities, partnerships, and campaigns
  • Spearhead market expansion by pinpointing new customer segments and use cases. Collaborate cross-functionally to differentiate our offerings and sustain a competitive edge
  • Inform product roadmaps and features by gathering customer feedback and conveying market needs. Provide insights that strengthen our value proposition and enhance the customer experience
  • Continuously refine the sales methodology by incorporating learnings into playbooks, templates, and best practices. Identify process improvements that optimize sales productivity and consistency