Senior Thermal Design Engineer

K2 Space

K2 Space

11-50 employees

Affordable, adaptable multi-mission satellite buses.


$100,000 - $180,000



Los Angeles, CA, USA

Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • 3+ years of experience with radiative and conductive thermal modeling of spacecraft systems using Thermal Desktop or similar tools
  • 3+ years of experience with selection, sizing, and design of thermal control hardware including, but not limited to, heat pipes, heaters, stickers, OSR, thermal straps, thermal paints, tapes, MLI, TEC
  • 1+ year of experience with thermal cycling and thermal vacuum testing including predictions, setup, instrumentation and thermal model correlation
  • Work with other engineering subsystems owners to develop robust thermal design for avionics boxes and other electro-mechanical subsystems
  • Develop and maintain thermal models for spacecraft and sub-components using Thermal Desktop and Ansys
  • Interface with vendors and launcher providers to understand their design and translate it into thermal-related requirements
  • Automate data analysis to support architectural trades effectively
  • Work with mechanical teams to develop passive and active thermal control hardware for the spacecraft including radiators, heaters, heat pipes, surface coating etc..
  • Work with avionics teams to develop thermal models and thermal tests for electronic assemblies
  • Work with GNC teams to define and thermally analyze nominal and contingency cases for in-orbit operations of the spacecraft

K2 Space Corporation stands out in the aerospace industry by successfully disrupting the traditional cost-to-capability paradigm in satellite technology. Their satellite buses are designed to be highly capable yet cost-effective, leveraging a wide network of commercial suppliers and an accelerated design cycle that reduces time to launch to under a year. This approach not only positions K2 Space as a leader in agile satellite deployment, catering to diverse missions from national security to scientific research, but also demonstrates their ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of multi-orbit operations, offering clients a flexible and responsive space solution.

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Series A

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Los Angeles, California



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