Senior Front End Angular Developer
Posted on 9/12/2023
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Google Cloud Platform
Software Engineering
  • You view yourself as a 10Xer. What 10X means for us at Noibu, is that you believe in the top quality of your work and the benefit of collaboration and supporting your team. You pride yourself on your ability to overcome challenges and successfully get the work done. We know top talent means paying top dollar, and we are not afraid of that
  • You have a strong product-mindset, and care about the "why” behind the “what”. Without our customers, we're nothing, so you'll see that our team is comprised of self-driven, team-oriented engineers that love to achieve goals, and we're hoping you share the same mindset
  • You have high emotional intelligence, and enjoy building relationships with your teammates. We don't view collaboration as HR speak. We view collaboration as the best way to find the best solutions to difficult problems, and we thrive on working together
  • You have strong communication skills that will allow you to demonstrate your career accomplishments in a way we would all understand - even the non tech team members here! We want to hear about your experience in your own words , not with typical keywords you might think we want to see. Let your personality shine through when we chat with you!
  • Ultimately, at Noibu we move fast, we build fast, and we never give up. We are so proud of the amazing talent on our engineering team, and we're ready for you to join us too
  • GCP + AWS for our cloud
  • Scala for stream processing in the cloud
  • Rust for microservices + batch analytics + stream processing on dedicated machines
  • Angular (TS) for our frontend
  • GraphQL for our API
  • Javascript for our scripts deployed on customer's websites
  • Builds are fully automated via CI/CD in Kubernetes
  • Distributed computing
  • Distributed databases
  • Stream and batch processing
  • Whatever it takes to help the team succeed