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Founding – Senior Account Executive

Posted on 3/4/2023



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Senior, Expert

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Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • 3-5 years in freight sales or in a related industry
  • Relationships with midsize and enterprise shippers in CPG and manufacturing
  • Experience selling for a freight startup that hasn't yet established itself as a well known brand in freight. You have both large firm and startup experience
  • Ability to do a market map and have familiarity with midsize and enterprise shippers (what type of freight they ship, what their pain points are, where they have the most amount of density). You should have awareness of which shippers are more forward thinking than others so that we can prioritize
  • Familiarity with sales tools and ability to setup an organized sales funnel with analytics (Salesforce, Hubspot, ZoomInfo, etc.)
  • You're a fan of innovation and don't shy away from solving hard problems. In fact, you thrive on working on innovative solutions that have the potential to redefine an industry. You want to be a part of a category defining company, and you recognize that it won't be easy
  • You're a builder at heart and have the ability to act scrappy and hustle to grow a company, no matter the obstacles in front of you
  • You're drawn to early stage startups and want to build as close to the ground level as possible. You want to help turn a vision into reality
  • You have a desire to be a sales leader and be one of the first to set culture around the sales organization
  • You're autonomous and don't need to be told what to do - you have a goal in front of you and will do whatever it takes to hit that goal
  • You don't need to rely on a team
  • Own and lead our shipper acquisition and retention efforts targeting SMB, midsize, and enterprise shippers
  • Own all elements of the sales funnel: discovery and evaluation of shippers, setting up initial discovery calls, closing deals in a time effective manner, and ultimately retaining and growing accounts
  • Think through different acquisition strategies and deploy them in a scrappy and lean manner
  • Put together an initial go to market strategy that you yourself can execute
  • Segment the market and put together a list of potential customers it makes most sense to pursue given our value propositions
  • Help refine all sales material, including our pitch, sales deck, website, etc based on feedback from different customer segments
  • Present updates to broader team and the board on a weekly basis on the sales funnel and progress towards quotas

At Atomic, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment is fundamental. This venture studio not only pairs entrepreneurs with seasoned teams to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures but also ensures a culture of mutual growth and learning. The strategic integration of resources and expertise makes Atomic a standout for those looking to impact the industry and advance in their careers.

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