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Elasticsearch – Senior Java Engineer
Distributed Systems
Posted on 10/31/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • A strong background in distributed systems and consensus algorithms
  • You have strong skills in core Java and are conversant in the standard library of data structures and concurrency constructs, as well as newer features like lambdas
  • You have a deep technical proficiency in algorithms
  • You have shown your ability to understand and work on complex, highly distributed systems
  • You are able to own projects from beginning to end. This covers both technical design and working with others to develop needed components
  • You demonstrate the ability to build and debug features with a broad impact, running on multiple machines
  • Improving Elasticsearch's components that support concurrent and consistent indexing across multiple machines
  • Maintaining our cluster coordination system to keep performance high even though nodes come and go from the cluster and data moves around, while maintaining the safety and liveness properties of the system as a whole
  • Pushing the limits on the number of shards, nodes, and petabytes that Elasticsearch can handle today
  • Looking into all kinds of issues, including performance or concurrency issues, and proposing solutions
  • Supporting our support engineers with the harder problems
Desired Qualifications
  • Data stores
  • Search, analytics, Lucene
  • Strong knowledge of the JDK
  • Asynchronous event-driven network frameworks such as Netty

1,001-5,000 employees

Search-powered solutions software
  • Fully paid health coverage for you and your family
  • Flexible location and schedule for most roles.
  • Generous number of vacation days each year
  • 20+ additional shut it down days
  • Minimum of 16 weeks of parental leave, plus generous family formation benefits.
  • 40 hours each year to use toward volunteering
  • Double your charitable giving
Company Core Values
  • Home, Dinner - Elastic empowers you with the flexibility. Be home for dinner, go for a run midday, care for a sick child, or visit a parent. We get it.
  • Space, Time - It’s easy to get stuck in a day-to-day work pattern. We want you to take the time to dream the un-obvious.
  • IT, Depends - It can be complicated to make new things possible. When a question is asked, buckle up. Your journey will likely start with "it depends".
  • Progress, SIMPLE Perfection - Perfection is not a destination. An Elastic that moves is an Elastic that survives, thrives, and stands the test of time.
  • 01.02,/FORMAT - Our products are distributed by design. Our company is distributed by intention. Appreciate the view, culture, and language of others.
  • As YOU, Are - We all come in different shapes with different interests and skills. We all have an accent. Celebrate it. Just come as you are. No need to invest neurons trying to fit an arbitrary mold.
  • HUMBLE, Ambitious - Challenge yourself and the people around you to do better. Don’t be an asshole. Be humble. Be ambitious. At Elastic, we are both.
  • Speed, Scale, Relevance - Elastic is a search company. We produce relevant, fast results that operate at scale. This is our DNA. It’s what defines us, binds us, and makes us unique.