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Senior Data Analyst
Posted on 12/21/2022
Charlotte, NC, USA • United States
Experience Level
  • 6+ years of experience in Data Analytics with business acumen and strong ability to work cross collaboratively with various business units and teams
  • Deep knowledge of Data Warehousing principles and dimensional models - sourcing data from OLTP, SaaS, OLAP application
  • Proficiency with SQL and visualization tools such as Tableau, Looker or PowerBI to build dynamic/scalable dashboards and reports
  • Strong analytical background with a proven track record demonstrating an aptitude to compile data in comprehensive reports, analyze trends and make fact-based recommendations
  • Experience with data extraction, manipulation and blending across different data sources (AWS Redshift, Google Analytics, Salesforce, flat files, etc)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and have experience working on and communicating with fast-paced, dynamic teams
  • Fast learner with a real passion for BI technologies who is able to share about the latest and greatest developments in the market
  • Confident and capable presenter of data and information to clients and senior leadership teams
  • Proven troubleshooting and problem-solving skills and ability to communicate effectively with non-technical parties
  • Team-oriented, self-motivated, success-driven, roll-up-your-sleeves attitude
  • Establish and adhere to best practices in reporting and analysis: data integrity, test design, analysis, validation to ensure the team is providing exceptional quality work and is continuously gaining everyone's trust
  • Implement and practice consistently the highest standards of accuracy encompassing data and calculations
  • Collaborate closely with all areas of the business (Engineering, Operations, Product, SEO, Performance Marketing, Business Development, Social, Email, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Display/AdOps) to influence metric/KPI identification and data flows through to reporting and tool-building
  • Manage and optimize the reporting data model to allow efficient business decision making
  • Conduct a variety of deep-dive data analyses to gather web behavioral data insights to make decisions on new products, optimization tests and enhancements
  • Ensure KPI consistency across data sources and functions
  • Run ad-hoc reports and develop dashboards on web behavioral data for internal stakeholders
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with A/B testing frameworks, sampling methods and statistical analysis is a plus