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Research Scientist Intern
Simulation Technology, Fall 2022
Posted on 9/23/2022
Toronto, ON, Canada
Experience Level
  • Currently pursuing a B.S., Master's or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science/Engineering, Math/Physics/Statistics or a related field
  • Good communications skills
  • Please include your internship availability in your application
  • Minimum 1 course on theories and practices of machine learning, including common machine learning frameworks
  • Track record of academic excellence
  • In-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of machine learning
  • Minimum 1 strong publication record (NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, etc)
  • Knowledge of common machine learning frameworks
  • Track record of research excellence
  • Gain hands on experience with designing and implementing various machine learning techniques
  • Partner and collaborate with other forward-thinking team members and external researchers
  • Have the opportunity to participate and speak at conferences and events
  • Publish original research
  • Work with intelligent machines powered by AI computers that can learn, reason and interact with people in multiple industries

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