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Dexis Consulting Group

Dexis Consulting Group

201-500 employees

Supports international development with technology

Social Impact


Washington, DC, USA

Risk & Compliance
Legal & Compliance
Required Skills
  • Must hold or be able to obtain a Secret level security clearance.
  • Must be based in the DC Metropolitan area and able to report to DFC headquarters.
  • A graduate of an accredited law school with an LLB. or J.D. with experience working as an attorney.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 years working experience as a licensed and practicing attorney.
  • A minimum of 10 years working in or with DFC Board Agencies such as Department of State, US Agency for International Development, Department of Commerce, and Department of Treasury.
  • A background in environmental and social policies (including Human Rights), practices and standards and how they apply in cross-border or international contexts; preference for background in applying these practices to development efforts.
  • Experience in energy, infrastructure, and finance issues. Must have an understanding of international development finance.
  • Experience working on issues related to the PRC and Chinese state-owned enterprises.
  • Provide updates to VP/GC, Deputy General Counsel for Policy, Monitoring, and Corporate Affairs and Board Liaison (DGC for PMCA), and Corporate Secretary on ongoing interagency policies and processes.
  • Coordinate on DFC’s routing of, and response to, issues going through the interagency process.
  • Track, and assist on the DFC input/comment on, executive orders, OMB circulars, and other executive branch policies and guidance that impact DFC.
  • Obtain input from federal agencies represented on DFC’s Board of Directors regarding DFC projects and activities.
  • Assist with compiling and routing responses to Board questions during the formal Board Q&A process for Board transactions.
  • Identify interagency policies and processes that are ready for review/discussion at the CEO bi-weekly governance sync, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) meetings, Board Committee meetings, and Board meetings.
  • Compile and disseminate communications to the DFC workforce on interagency policies and processes.
  • Review draft Board documents to ensure the full, consistent, and complete integration of interagency policies and processes.
  • Engage with stakeholders across DFC, the U.S. Government, and private sector to strengthen partnerships, provide legal trend awareness, advance information sharing, and advocates for DFC equities.
  • Coordinate with origination teams and the State Department on issues that arise in the course of State Department vetting or State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) vetting to ensure timely action and resolution of such matters.
  • Provide analyses of partner agency concerns about DFC projects and activities.
  • Provide reviews of matters going before the Board and/or through an interagency coordination process.
  • Prepare deliverables for review and use by DFC government personnel.
Dexis Consulting Group

Dexis Consulting Group


Dexis Consulting Group's main product involves leveraging a range of technologies and methods to support international development initiatives, working with leading global engagement agencies across 80 countries.

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