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Software Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Computer Vision
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • 3+ years of industry software engineering experience (any kind of role)
  • Expert-level knowledge of one or more of the following: Databases, ELD Pipelines, Serverless Architecture, Security, Web Hosting, Networking, Reliability Engineering, Data Engineering
  • Experience working on customer-facing products with high requirements for uptime and stability
  • Experience in a role with significant oversight over the design of a core technical component
  • Degree in Computer Science, Math, or a related technical field
  • (Optional) Experience with Ethereum smart contract development
  • (Optional) High-level understanding of core blockchain principles (ex. EVM client, oracles, consensus mechanisms, layer 2 solutions)
  • (Optional) Experience as a decentralized node operator (ex. Bitcoin/Ethereum miner/validator)
  • Our entire team is technical. The blockchain space is still nascent and to build something meaningful today you need a technical team and leadership that understands blockchain at a protocol level. No more explaining what can and can't be done in a smart contract to non-technical PMs and execs
  • Our founding team is experienced. Our founder left school in 2019 to grow a hardware/computer-vision startup from tinkering in a Stanford dorm room to a $240M business with hardware deployed across the country. We understand how to start and grow a company and intend to use those lessons to grow quickly
  • We are venture-backed and we work in-office. We are fully venture-backed with $3M in capital and are deploying it to build a strong engineering team. Working out of out office in San Francisco provides for rapid communication and development that is necessary to get a product from zero to one. No more developing on discord or waiting to hear back on grant funding
  • We are a blockchain infrastructure company, not a cryptocurrency company. In order to build a sustainable business, you need to provide a service with a recurring source of revenue. Too many companies in the blockchain space instead opt for business models based on price speculation. We understand that this works in a bull market but does not work in the long-run
Midpoint Labs

1-10 employees

Blockchain smart contract endpoint software
Company Overview
Midpoint Labs' mission is to build the portal between the rich ecosystem of Web 2 endpoints and the emerging landscape of Web 3 applications. The company believes blockchain is more than payments, lending, and DeFi - and the infrastructure that powers it should reflect that.