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Senior Principal Architect
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Markham, ON, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
  • Work on all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and trustworthy computing including tool and programming languages development
  • Provide or apply the best practices for software development in industry to real product lines including telecom equipment, cloud services and consumer products, to improve the development process, including compilation/building/release processes
  • Develop advanced program analysis tools to support software develop for secure and trustworthy software
  • Work with engineers on different products to refactor legacy code, from coding style to software architecture
  • Machine learning, deep learning experience, especially for networking system, such as networking optimization, planning, and automation
  • Collaborate with academia to study advanced technologies in software engineering domain
  • Be always creative in problem solving, keep learning and stay connected with the state-of-the-art technologies/processes/tools
  • BS degree and above in Computer Science, EE or related area, with extensive working experiences in one of the areas: DevOps tool, software engineering, compilers, networking, database, operating system, embedded system
  • Familiar with software life cycle, development tools, building process, version control, product verification
  • Master C/C++/Java/Python, experience with CICD, DevOps, CMake, Git, Gitlab, Github, or Jenkins
  • Proficient in software design patterns
  • Working knowledge in architecture design, virtualization, parallel and distributed computing
  • In depth understanding of networking technologies and experience with major routing/switching protocols and SDN
  • Experiences in network architecture/management design using NETCONF and YANG model
  • Experiences in object oriented analysis and design in networking with UML and/or DSL
  • Experience using existing RDBMS/NoSQL systems, with a working understanding of SQL and database internals
  • Hands on experience of database engine development or in memory DB
  • Experience with PyTorch, TensorFlow and other related tools
  • Working experiences in secure programming, software refactoring is an asset
  • In depth knowledge in compilation process and compiler technology, such as LLVM or GCC is an asset
  • Experiences on system modelling, system analysis and verification is an asset
  • Strong experiences in building large and complex system and software management is an asset
  • A plus in Software analysis is an asset
  • Actively evolved in open source community, such as CMake, Bazel project is an asset
  • Hands-on experience of database engine development is an asset
  • Large network architecture design, with excellent network analysis and troubleshooting skills is an asset
  • Strong experiences in parallel runtime or middleware design and implementation is an asset
  • Linux kernel programming experience (memory management, uni-kernel, networking, RDMA, virtualization, containers, device drivers) is an asset
  • ML/DL experience in networking, cloud or mobile systems is an asset
  • ARM tool chain development is an asset

10,001+ employees

Telecommunications & consumer electronics company
Company Overview
Huawei’s mission is to expand the benefits of technology to everyone, everywhere. The company is committed to driving ubiquitous connectivity and promoting equal access to networks to lay the foundation for the intelligent world by providing computing power to deliver seamless cloud experiences, digital platforms, AI, and personalized consumer products.
Company Core Values
  • Stay Customer-Centric
  • Inspire Dedication
  • Grow by Reflection
  • Persevere