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Lead Software Engineer
Updated on 11/2/2023
Sumo Digital

501-1,000 employees

Global video game development and design studio
Company Overview
Sumo Digital Ltd, a globally recognized game development company, fosters a vibrant work culture that emphasizes personal growth, work-life balance, and team unity through regular social events and flexible work arrangements. The company's commitment to employee development is evident in its substantial investment in training programs, including access to an internal learning platform, five learning days per year, and free courses from Udemy and Gnomon. With a secure and equal work environment, clear career progression pathways, and a track record of creating successful games for major publishers, Sumo Digital offers a stable and rewarding career in the cutting-edge field of game development.
Consumer Software

Company Stage


Total Funding





Sheffield, United Kingdom

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
UI/UX Design
Unreal Engine
UI/UX & Design
Software Engineering
  • You are proficient in C++ programming and have experience with Unreal Engine's API for UI integration and customization
  • Expertise in Unreal Engine's UI systems, including UMG and Blueprints, with a deep understanding of their capabilities and limitations; experience with UI optimization and performance profiling tools to deliver smooth and responsive user experiences
  • Creator of Clarity: You excel at unraveling complexity and bringing clarity to UI challenges. You're able to gather and organize feedback to rapidly prototype and iterate ideas through to production. You break down intricate ideas into actionable plans, and feel comfortable communicating with crystal-clear precision, ensuring seamless collaboration and a shared understanding of project goals
  • Visionary Explorer: You constantly adopt best practices in UI development and seek innovative solutions to elevate our UI experiences to new heights. With an unwavering curiosity, you delve into the forefront of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities, pioneering cutting-edge UI techniques
  • Diversity Champion: You recognize the inherent strength in embracing varied perspectives. Your leadership nurtures an environment where every team member feels valued, empowered, and encouraged to contribute their unique ideas
  • Pursuer of Fun: You possess an ability to infuse joy and excitement into every pixel of our UI creations. Your energy and enthusiasm inspire the entire team to embrace the spirit of playfulness and adventure in every aspect of game development, creating unforgettable player experiences