Curriculum Product Manager
Posted on 9/20/2023
AI Fund

11-50 employees

Venture capital firm specializing in artificial intelligence startups
Company Overview
AI Fund, founded by AI pioneer Dr. Andrew Ng, is a unique venture capital firm that not only provides financial backing but also offers hands-on support during the critical early stages of a startup's life. The company's competitive edge lies in its deep understanding of the AI industry, its ability to provide strategic guidance on product strategy and market fit, and its network of AI experts and entrepreneurs. As a leader in the AI industry, AI Fund is committed to accelerating the growth of AI startups, helping them navigate risks, stand out in a crowded market, and attract further investment.
Venture Capital

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East Palo Alto, California

Growth & Insights

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Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Science
Data & Analytics
  • Technical background in math and programming at a level sufficient to follow and successfully complete an online course in machine learning, such as DLAI's Deep Learning Specialization
  • Knowledge of instructional design best practices as well as experience designing and teaching technical courses
  • Graduate degree in STEM / AI / CS or equivalent industry experience in areas like software development, machine learning or data science
  • Excellent communicator and team player with an ability to author and edit high-quality written content in English
  • Previous experience developing online asynchronous curriculum in the areas of AI, machine learning, data science, robotics or similar
  • Research or industry experience as a data scientist, machine learning engineer or similar
  • Be accountable for co-creating AI/ML courses on Cousera and the DeepLearning.AI platform through partnership with world-class AI experts
  • Be the authority on the course creation process and guide the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other content development partners through it
  • Ensure consistently high content quality by holding the bar for technical content that is accurate, engaging and effective, and guide and support the team, including the SME in reaching that bar
  • Develop an independent perspective on the material being taught so that you can flex to assist the SME in fleshing out the topic and/or assist the content development team in creating relevant learning material, if needed
  • Quickly learning about the course topics from journal articles and other technical material
  • Assessing how the SME's expertise can best be utilized, and directing the work of other team members to effectively deliver high quality content in a timely manner
  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback on technical AI content created by the SMEs and others, and determining how it can be converted into a high quality learning experience through improvements to the words, visuals, code, and overall flow of ideas
  • Tracking the creation and external review of all elements of the course, and creating them yourself if need be
  • Working closely with a production and visual design team to record videos, add visual design and deliver high-quality multimedia content to support the curriculum