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Material Management Specialist
Posted on 4/12/2022
United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • High school diploma/GED or higher
  • Work with other Material Management Specialist to ensure that the shop, shop personnel, tool rooms and other customers are supplied with tools, equipment and supplies
  • Set up and maintain inventory recording and control systems and facilitate/coordinate information and the movement of tools, equipment and shop supplies between organizations
  • Analyze work in area, determine priorities and sequence work based on customer requirements
  • Develop, update and implement processes and procedures for the area
  • Order and receive tools, equipment and supplies to support the shop
  • Determine shop needs, make adjustments as necessary and log in receivals using various computer programs
  • Store tools and supplies in an appropriate manner and in designated areas per toolroom procedures
  • Verify that what is received is what was ordered, that the paperwork matches the supplies/tools and enter into the system
  • Investigate any discrepancies and follow appropriate procedures for correction, repair, replacement and/or rejection
  • Process Packing Slip Invoice (PSI). Number, label and/or assign a number to new tools using appropriate tools (e.g., aluminum tags, air pencils, electro-chemical etch)
  • Issue/route tools, supplies and safety equipment (e.g., safety glasses, dust masks, respirators) to shop personnel or tool room
  • Send used equipment out for refurbishment
  • Maintain thorough inventory recording and control systems
  • Visually check tools for defects
  • Route broken/worn tools to proper repair areas. Inventory tools, shop supplies and materials and audit periodically for accuracy
  • Maintain filing systems
  • Service satellite supply/tool areas (e.g., shadow boxes, drill cabinets, point-of-use areas)
  • Assign shadow box numbers and log in system
  • Ensure proper tools are kitted for the work order and machine per the Numerical Control (NC) Machine Document
  • Order special cutters required by NC Documents
  • Operate mechanical lifts and other shop equipment to move material and tools
  • Locate tools and equipment using delinquent tool reports, hold out notices, computer programs and investigative skills
  • Route tools to small tool repair or calibration/certification (cal/cert) for testing and/or certification
  • Check and post cal/cert report and maintain, track and document certification of tools
  • Prepare and maintain status information, manual logbooks, manifest sheets, tie-ins and other information
  • Use and update computer systems to perform various job functions (e.g., add shippers, pull tool room orders, debit inventory, tool room credits, receive from outside vendors, ship orders to internal customers, check substitution codes, update and maintain user call contract information, print bar codes and labels)
  • Coordinate and work with other organizations (e.g., controllers, inspection, shop personnel, tool rooms, cal/cert) to supply customer needs, to expedite priority orders and/or to substitute orders per the substitution codes
  • Follow up on requests from shop personnel
  • Troubleshoot/work customer problems
  • Input/transfer employee information into the tool room inventory management system
  • Order and issue shop stamps for employees
  • Check the contents of and clear toolboxes for employees per Boeing Security procedures
  • Clean and seal oxygen kits (e.g., wrenches, torque wrenches, gloves) using chemicals (e.g., freon, Genesolv) and black lights
  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Write Tool Grind Orders and maintain inventory of cutters in computer systems
  • Apply protective coating, bag and box cutters for routing
  • Contact co-workers or supervisor when assistance is needed and/or when there are questions on process or job related issues
Desired Qualifications
  • 1 or more years' experience in Tool Crib or Tool Services
  • 1 or more years' experience in warehouse operations
The Boeing Company
Company mission
Boeing Company manufactures and sells aircraft, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites and provides product leasing and support services.