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Senior Technical Narrative Designer
Posted on 6/17/2022
Seattle, WA, USA
Experience Level
  • Design and implement the rules and conditions for triggering narrative content
  • Design, implement, and maintain scripted events, quests, and other narrative content
  • Participate in narrative design meetings and provide feedback on the overall narrative design of the game
  • Use Unreal 4 and Blueprint scripting to implement quests and narrative content
  • Work closely with the Narrative team and other departments to bring the project's story and characters to life
  • Work across departments to turn deliverables into a fun, cohesive experience
  • Write and maintain design documentation
  • 5+ years of development experience in the game industry with recent hands-on implementation experience
  • Strong understanding of timing and pacing of narrative beats
  • Contributed to at least one shipped title recognized for its strong narrative and/or mission design
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and organizational skills
  • Excellent visual scripting or programming skills
  • Have worked on projects throughout the entire production cycle, from conception through shipping
  • Passion for narrative first-person shooters
  • Provide feedback on narrative and design content
  • Ability to work within a schedule and deliver effectively to deadlines
  • Ability to receive feedback and not only apply it but learn from it
  • Ability to work independently to diagnose and solve problems
  • Experience with task/bug-tracking software and pipelines
  • Experience with Perforce or similar version control software
  • Unreal 4 Blueprint scripting experience
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