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Instructional Associate
Posted on 2/1/2022
Buffalo, NY, USA • New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Science
  • Must Haves:
  • At least 1 year of professional data analytics experience
  • Advanced skills in Excel, SQL (PostgreSQL), Power BI, Tableau, Python, and Pandas
  • Familiarity with data storytelling, data visualization, and analysis
  • Deep understanding of statistical hypothesis testing and experimental design, data visualization techniques and tools (i.e. Power BI, Power BI, etc), and manipulation of large data sets
  • You are the person your colleagues naturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure something out
  • You are eager to shape the skills, minds, and trajectories of the newest generation of data analysts
  • Strong organizational skills to facilitate a high quality learning experience for students and maintain course tracker and other program documentation
  • Work closely with one or more Lead Instructors to guide students through a rigorous, transformational journey towards finding their careers in data analytics
  • Inspire and support students as they identify their passions and drive their own continued learning beyond the curriculum
  • Facilitate a safe, supportive, and energetic community that welcomes the various needs and learning styles of your students
  • Deepen your own skills by guiding students through a rigorous journey where they begin as driven novices and leave as empowered data analysts and translators
  • Contribute your own expertise to a deep and broad global curriculum maintained by a team of talented data analytics instructors across multiple industries
  • Hone your own leadership skills by working with an instructional team and classroom community
  • Nice to haves:
  • You are on top of industry trends in data analysis, data visualization, and big data
  • You have previous data analytics or visualization teaching experience, through a course, workshop, team training, etc
  • Be present and engaged in every class session. Class times are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Hold office hours. Help students with homework and projects, and provide remediation to students who are falling behind
  • Provide feedback on student homework and projects
  • Mentor students, drawing from your own experience. You have the ability to put yourself in the students' shoes and understand the stress and workload they are experiencing. Use this advantage to both encourage students and be there when they need emotional support
  • Stay in touch with instructors and GA staff. Work alongside the rest of the team to best meet the needs and learning styles of your students. Provide GA staff with feedback on how the students are doing, what troubles the students are having, and which students might need additional coaching or are having a difficult time
  • Stay up to date with the class work. This involves being prepared with knowledge of the homework and which topics are currently relevant. If need be, create extra resources and materials to enhance the learning experience
  • Facilitate a dynamic and collaborative classroom community. Encourage student participation and student collaboration
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