Lead Data Scientist
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1,001-5,000 employees

Dog products subscription company
Company Overview
BARK is on a mission to make dog as happy as they make us. BARK is a monthly themed subscription of all-natural treats and clever toys that serves over 1.8 million dogs every month and expanded into oodles of new product categories and thousands of retail locations.
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Data Science
Data Structures & Algorithms
AI & Machine Learning
Data & Analytics
  • Machine Learning & Statistics: Experience in applying machine learning algorithms and statistical concepts to real-world problems, generating insights, and creating actionable recommendations. Knowledge of various supervised and unsupervised learning techniques is essential
  • Python Programming: 4+ years of hands-on experience writing readable, modular Python code. Proficiency in data manipulation, analysis, and algorithm development is required
  • Data Handling: Proven ability to handle varied and complex data, including experience working with large datasets, data cleaning, preprocessing, and transformation
  • Industry Experience: Experience in data-driven marketing, forecasting, or product development is essential. Cross-functional work experience preferred
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills, with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate results and concepts to relevant stakeholders, including c-suite partners
  • Interpersonal Skills: Collaboration and teamwork, comfortable leading projects, coordinating peers and mentoring those around you
  • Adaptability: Demonstrated aptitude and appetite for picking up new technologies and methodologies, adapting to changing business needs
  • Attention to Detail: Sharp analytical mind with meticulous attention to detail and understanding of nuance
  • Business Acumen: Passion for growing and strengthening a business using data-driven approaches, with an understanding of key performance metrics
  • Statistical Analysis: Breadth of knowledge in statistical concepts and techniques, with the ability to apply them in diverse contexts
  • Machine Learning Expertise: Familiarity with popular python-based machine learning frameworks and libraries such as scikit-learn, xgboost, and PyTorch
  • Linux/Bash Skills: Moderate grasp of bash/Linux, including scripting and system operations
  • This compensation range is based on BARKs good faith estimate as of the date of this posting and may be modified in the future. Actual pay for this position will depend on a variety of variables including location, travel, internal equity, experience, education, skills and expertise
  • Marketing Analytics: Apply machine learning and statistical methods to drive targeted marketing campaigns, improving customer engagement and ROI
  • Improve Key Metrics: Apply data-driven approaches to create recommendations aimed at improving key performance metrics such as retention, campaign and funnel conversion, new subscribers, customer lifetime value, and more
  • Demand Forecasting: Drive innovation in ML-driven approaches to demand and financial forecasting, employing advanced predictive modeling to support business planning and strategy
  • Communicate Results: Proactively and clearly communicate results and insights to relevant stakeholders, translating complex data into actionable business strategies
  • Collaborate And Mentor: Work and coordinate closely with peers, mentoring them in applying data science methodologies. Engage in cross-team collaborations to align data science initiatives with organizational goals
  • Stay Current & Innovate: Keep abreast of emerging technologies and methodologies in data science, continually seeking opportunities for innovation and improvement within BARK's data-driven strategies
  • Analyze Data: Analyze and manipulate raw data to extract insights and drive decision-making. Utilize statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to uncover patterns and trends
  • Create Pipelines & Tools: Design and implement data processing pipelines, visualizations, and internal tools for comprehensive analysis
  • The base salary range for this position is $160,000 -$190,000
  • This position is eligible for equity
Desired Qualifications
  • SQL Mastery: Ability to write complex SQL queries and perform data manipulation across multiple data sources. Redshift and BigQuery experience is a plus