Single Cell Computational Biologist

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Vevo Therapeutics

Vevo Therapeutics

11-50 employees

AI-driven in vivo drug discovery platform

AI & Machine Learning

Mid, Senior

Toronto, ON, Canada

Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • PhD in computational biology or related discipline
  • At least 2 years postgraduate experience (academia or industry)
  • In-depth experience with single-cell RNA-seq data analysis
  • Familiarity with common bioinformatics, biostatistics, and data analysis practices and tools
  • Solid foundation knowledge of mathematics, statistics, computer science, and machine learning
  • Solid knowledge of Python and cloud computing environments
  • Ability to work efficiently with large-scale data
  • Lead the analysis of scRNA-seq generated by the Vevo platform with an emphasis on methodology
  • Process sequencing reads, demultiplexing, and cell identity reconstruction
  • Conduct quality control and exploratory analysis
  • Support data integration and hypothesis formulation
  • Ensure the bioinformatics pipeline reflects state-of-the-art methodology
  • Review and adopt state-of-the-art methodology for data analysis
  • Collaborate with other scientists and ML team on foundation models for single cell data

At Vevo Therapeutics, the development of the Mosaic platform represents a significant stride in the biotechnology sector by enabling a deeper understanding of drug-cell interactions in diverse patient populations with unparalleled single-cell precision. This company is a compelling place to work due to its focus on harnessing in vivo data and AI to revolutionize drug discovery, ensuring more personalized and effective treatments. The culture at Vevo Therapeutics likely fosters a collaborative and cutting-edge environment, essential for professionals eager to contribute to meaningful advancements in medicine.

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