Trajectory Design and Guidance Engineer

Posted on 6/11/2024

K2 Space

K2 Space

11-50 employees

Develops next-generation multi-orbit satellite buses


Mid, Senior

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Required Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Experience with low thrust trajectory design
  • Experience with Precise Orbit Determination
  • Experience implementing orbit guidance and control algorithms on a spacecraft
  • Experience in mission design
  • Experience with Python, Julia, C/C++, or Rust for algorithm development, implementation, and simulation
  • Collaborate with other engineers to develop a novel high level vehicle mission plan
  • Develop novel algorithms for precise OD and station-keeping of very large structures in earth orbit and beyond
  • Leveraging one of the largest Hall Effect Thrusters ever manufactured, design the low thrust trajectory for the vehicle to reach MEO, GEO, Cis-Lunar, and Mars
  • Develop simulation and modeling tools to support vehicle and GNC trade studies
  • Contribute to building the GNC organization by recruiting, hiring, and mentoring other engineers

K2 Space Corporation offers an engaging workplace for those interested in contributing to cutting-edge satellite technology that enhances national security, commercial operations, and scientific data collection. The company stands out by developing satellite buses that not only reduce costs dramatically but also expedite the design cycle to under a year. This fast-paced, resourceful environment leverages a broad commercial supply chain to support true multi-orbit and multi-mission capabilities, positioning it as a leader in the space industry’s adaptive and cost-effective segment.

Company Stage

Series A

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Los Angeles, California



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