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Software Engineer

Machine Learning, ML/CV

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11-50 employees

Develops autonomous cargo transport aerial vehicles

AI & Machine Learning
Industrial & Manufacturing


Austin, TX, USA

Mobile Engineering
Backend Engineering
Frontend Engineering
Software Engineering
Required Skills
  • education in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field -- a formal education isn't required but you'll be expected to know backend and low-level fundamentals
  • 2+ years of experience in ML (CV preferred)
  • familiarity with PyTorch or TensorFlow and training ML models
  • familiarity with inference (C++ preferred) and performance optimization at the edge
  • interest in aerospace
  • ability and willingness to learn a thousand things in a hundred days
  • be an awesome and friendly individual
  • be open minded to learn more about both software best practices and our field (your code will fly, it's a big deal)
  • bonus points if you have experience with software running onboard a vehicle/robot
  • bonus points if you have experience with flight controls / control theory
  • work with more senior engineers to build new ML training pipelines, add features to existing systems, and fix bugs (Python)
  • write software for CV inference at the edge (C++ mostly)
  • go through design review process
  • reason about your decisions based on data (experiments, math/science)
  • maintain a clean codebase by doing code reviews, writing tests, utilizing continuous integration
  • learn and promote software engineering best practices
  • ship software to production (i.e. our aircraft but also network-based applications)
  • maintain production systems
  • work with flight ops to test your software and iterate/improve at high speed

Skyways is at the forefront of the aerospace industry, developing advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with a focus on autonomous, vertical take-off and landing capabilities for diverse cargo transportation needs. With a commitment to sustainability through the use of electric propulsion and energy storage technologies, this company is shaping the future of eco-friendly logistics. Its culture of technological rigor and adaptability makes it an exciting place for professionals passionate about aviation and environmental innovation.

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Austin, Texas



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