Internal Tools Engineer
Posted on 3/21/2023
Canada • Remote
Experience Level
  • The mindset to be a multiplier: the goal is to make the business as a whole more efficient and allow it to grow faster
  • Experience working with Software-as-a-Service providers like Snowflake or HelpScout is a strong plus
  • Experience working with APIs from Stripe and the related ecosystem is a strong plus
  • Experience developing in Go, used for much of the system. Previous experience in #golang makes ramping up quicker
  • Ability to give and process constructive feedback, as well as work independently
  • Flexibility to adjust to the dynamic nature of a startup
  • Surface and identify promising leads for the sales team, combining data from multiple sources
  • Provide insight into the operation of a tailnet for the support team
  • Identify which campaigns are reaching new users for the marketing team
  • Support customized plans and billing for Enterprise deployments
  • Produce metrics and dashboards of results important to running the business
  • Integrate with external data sources to guide the marketing and sales and success functions
  • Billing expertise with Stripe or related APIs is especially useful for the role. As the userbase grows, the demand to handle customization of the plan and services continues to grow
  • This is mostly expected to involve backend systems and third-party applications and data sources

11-50 employees

Enterprise secure VPN company
Company Overview
Tailscale is on a mission to help everyone create their own secure networks built around their social connections. Tailscale is working to remove overhead and complexity from the “long tail” of software and operational problems that people face every day.
Company Core Values
  • Real people solving concrete problems
  • Small is beautiful
  • It has to "just work"