Fermentation Operator
Updated on 5/18/2023
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
  • You have an Associates Degree or higher, preferably in science
  • You have experience handling equipment and instrumentation
  • You have some industrial experience
  • You are able to record data, compile, analyze and communicate results
  • You can manage and prioritize multiple projects within a fast-paced environment
  • You have exceptional attention to detail and passion for problem-solving
  • You are able to work a flexible schedule, as required, to meet development and maintenance scheduling needs
  • You have excellent organizational and communication skills
  • General operations such as bioreactor building/sterilization, cleanup and turnover of bioreactors to maintain a set run schedule with supervision
  • Prepare, assemble, clean and sterilize glassware and fermentation tanks
  • Prepare media, reagents and materials
  • Assisting in support tasks and projects as required to keep the lab organized and operating efficiently
  • Offline sample analysis including: Optical Densities, cell density, viability, and sterility checks
  • Work independently and efficiently
  • Document work clearly and perform procedures accurately
  • Follow SOP protocols, operational processes, and safety best practices
  • Identify technical issues, troubleshooting, solve problems and achieve clear resolution
  • Maintain clean work areas and equipment
  • Perform Preventative Maintenance schedules with supervision as needed
  • Work will include periodic weekend hours