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Senior Software Engineer, Data - Slack
Posted on 4/12/2022
California, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Apache Spark
Data Science
  • 5+ years of software/data engineering experience, including experience with Big Data technologies, e.g. Spark, Kafka, Hive, Airflow, Presto, EMR, S3, etc
  • You have extensive experience of building and maintaining large scale data pipelines and in-depth knowledge of various big data frameworks and architectures
  • You are skilled at crafting and building robust distributed microservices with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECS/EKS etc
  • You have strong dedication to code quality, automation and operational excellence: CI/CD pipelines, unit/integration tests
  • You are proficient in object-oriented and/or functional programming languages: Python, Java/Scala, Go
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills; able to effectively collaborate with cross functional partners and explaining sophisticated technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders
  • You have high growth expectations for yourself and your team, and a willingness to push yourself and your team to achieve them
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent training, fellowship, or work experience
  • Data Lineage at Slack - https://slack.engineering/data-lineage-at-slack/
  • Reliably Upgrading Apache Airflow at Slack's Scale - https://slack.engineering/reliably-upgrading-apache-airflow-at-slacks-scale/
  • Introducing Data Residency for Slack - https://slack.com/blog/transformation/introducing-data-residency-for-slack
  • Data Wrangling at Slack - https://slack.engineering/data-wrangling-at-slack/
  • Design and develop highly scalable and resilient services/pipelines for data ingestion and processing
  • Optimize the end-to-end workflow for data users at Slack (from crafting libraries to schedule data pipelines and access data assets)
  • Provide transparency into our data flows (comprehensive view of sources, transformations, sinks and data lineage)
  • Automate and handle the lifecycle of data sets (schema evolution, metadata management, change and backfill management, deprecation and migration)
  • Streamline the creation of new data sets with accessible frameworks and Domain Specific Languages (DSL)
  • Improve the data quality and reliability of the pipelines (monitoring and failure detection)
  • Comfortably collaborate with cross functional partners and lead technical initiatives end to end
  • Be a role model and a multiplier, coaching and mentoring junior and intermediate engineers
  • Write, review, or provide feedback on a technical design proposal from others

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