Senior Software Engineer
3D Graphics
Posted on 2/24/2023
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Computer Vision
Product Design
  • You have 5+ years of professional experience with 3D graphics, WebGL and GLSL shaders
  • You have 3+ years using frontend frameworks such as React/Redux, Angular, etc
  • You have 3+ years of experience with full-stack development (writing + consuming GraphQL APIs, databases, etc)
  • You have 3+ years experience rendering large 3D scenes / datasets
  • You have familiarity with 3D web-based rendering frameworks such as Three.js or Babylon.js
  • You are constantly learning and pushing the art of the possible in web browsers
  • You embrace working and communicating effectively with your team, and cross-functional group, and get excited by crafting simple and elegant solutions
  • Quality and testing are very important to you but can balance between perfection and shipping
  • As a Senior Software Engineer on our Perception team, you will work closely with product, design, and other engineers to design and implement a full-stack solution for customers to import, render, and annotate point clouds. The solution will also be shared with customers who wish to build their own novel experiences for their labelers. You will balance innovation and pragmatism to deliver software with the right quality on time in order to meet business objectives and create the right technology foundation for future use cases
  • You will create jaw-dropping user experiences; support the performant rendering of labels in web browsers at scale; build novel experiences for exploring 3D point clouds; and create experiences in sensor fusion where users are working with multiple modalities seamlessly, e.g. images embedded in 3D point clouds
Desired Qualifications
  • Domain experience in point clouds and Lidar data
  • Experience with computer vision techniques
  • Experience with RxJS

51-200 employees

AI training data platform
Company Overview
Labelbox's mission is to help companies get to production AI faster. Labelbox's products save time by creating and managing your training data, people, and processes in a single place — so you can focus on building the next big thing.
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Flexible vacation policy (we don't count PTO Days)
  • 401k Program
  • College savings account
  • HSA
  • Daily lunches paid for by the company (especially convenient while working from home)
  • Virtual wellness and guided meditation programs
  • Dog-friendly office
  • Regular company social events (happy hours, off-sites)
  • Professional development benefits and resources
  • Remote friendly (we hire in-office and remote employees)
Company Core Values
  • Make customers win
  • Craftsmanship - To be a craftsman is to be consumed in a problem and to create your best expression of work as a result
  • Seek to understand - The machine learning industry is growing and evolving rapidly as it begins to transform every industry. We must stay humble and embrace that we have so much more to learn.