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Security Engine Architect
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Burnaby, BC, Canada
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Software Testing
  • Research the modern Anti-Virus and IPS technologies
  • Develop and optimize our cross platform Anti-Virus engine, WAF and IPS engine
  • Write unit test to verify functionality
  • Master (preferred) or Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field, with 5+ years of experience in similar positions
  • Strong experience in C/C++ object oriented large scale application framework experience
  • Experience with Malware analysis, Ant-virus, Machine Learning AV, Reverse engineering, IDA, OllyDbg, WinDbg, URL filter, Anti-spam, Botnet and X86 Assembly language
  • Understanding of x86-64 CPU architecture and memory management
  • Experience with Windows system internals, Linux Kernel Architecture, Linux System Architecture, TCP/IP network stack, Netfilter packet traversal and Socket programming
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with X86 virtualization, hypervisor (XEN, KVM and QEMU), WINE, compiler, Flex/Bison, BinPac, LLVM
  • Experience with NGFW, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), Sandbox, DDOS, WAF, HoneyPot and APT(ATP)
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

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Huawei’s mission is to expand the benefits of technology to everyone, everywhere. The company is committed to driving ubiquitous connectivity and promoting equal access to networks to lay the foundation for the intelligent world by providing computing power to deliver seamless cloud experiences, digital platforms, AI, and personalized consumer products.
Company Core Values
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