Training Specialist
Posted on 2/24/2023
Experience Level
  • Training experience (1+ year preferred)
  • Scribing experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must be a self-starter and demonstrate high attention to detail, effective time management, and the ability to consistently set and meet deadlines
  • Passion for continuously innovating and improving how content is delivered
  • Research and develop training materials using appropriate design, content, and technologies
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather insight about our audience and to determine content needs
  • Assess results of current training procedures and take corrective actions as needed
  • Ensure that the training content is relevant, current, and engaging
  • Grade various training assessments (screening, quizzes, audits)

501-1,000 employees

Automated medical documentation and data services
Company Overview
Augmedix is on a mission to rehumanize the physician-patient relationship and address the largest pain point in the US healthcare system — documentation burden.
Company Core Values
  • Do work that matter - Augmedix is a mission-driven company set on a course to improve the lives of doctors, to improve the care patients receive, and to create high-value jobs in countries that need them most. We take ownership of what we do and we’re driven to make an impact. When something needs to get done, we don’t wait for someone else to take the lead, we roll up our sleeves and get it done.
  • Collaborate first escalate later - Stop. Collaborate and listen. We are #OneAugmedix and we pride ourselves on working together to solve problems before sounding the alarm. We believe in transparency and going to the source to solve problems. We trust each other’s expertise and we work together to find a solution. We know that we all make mistakes, but we learn and work together to move forward.
  • Be a beast - We go above and beyond our job descriptions to get work done. We’re constantly breaking things and rebuilding them in smarter ways. And when the going gets tough, we embrace the challenge. We’re always learning from each other and rewarding each other for stepping up.
  • Let doctor be doctor - We are obsessed with our customers, our partners, and the quality we deliver every second of every day. We don’t take shortcuts that compromise the quality of our work and we constantly reinvent processes to create more value for our partners.