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Senior AI Researcher/Scientist at Stealth Life Sciences Startup

Confirmed live in the last 24 hours

a portfolio company of the AI2 Incubator

a portfolio company of the AI2 Incubator

11-50 employees

Incubates AI startups, focuses on foundational models

AI & Machine Learning

Senior, Expert

Seattle, WA, USA

Applied Machine Learning
Deep Learning
AI Research
AI & Machine Learning
Required Skills
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
  • Development experience with PyTorch, Tensorflow, JAX, or similar
  • Experience with generative AI, such as stable diffusion and transformers
  • Experience reading the AI/ML literature and implementing/developing new methodology based on research ideas
  • Experience training AI/ML models with AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience managing model experimentation, development, and evaluation
  • Knowledge of key MLOps, including model training, hosted inference options, and batch/stream processing
  • Experience deploying AI/ML models at scale in production environments
  • Building models relevant to highly technical scientific domains
  • Familiarity with uncertainty estimation in deep learning
  • Awareness of cloud computing environments and privacy-preserving architectures
  • Understanding of or interest in computational genomics and applications of AI to molecular biology
  • Develop and iterate a roadmap for model development
  • Build developmental generative models for experimental biology data
  • Develop and implement evaluation framework and metrics for models
  • Collaborate with platform team to deploy models into production
  • Apply experiences and insights on building forward-focused models for life sciences data
a portfolio company of the AI2 Incubator

a portfolio company of the AI2 Incubator


AI2 Incubator specializes in incubating AI-first startups, focusing on leveraging large-scale foundation models like GPT-3 and DALL-E for diverse tasks such as email prose generation and software code creation. This provides a fertile environment for innovation and a strong focus on advanced AI technologies, making it an ideal workplace for those looking to be at the forefront of AI advancement and application. Employees benefit from working on cutting-edge projects in an entity that is shaping the future of Task-Centric AI, FMOps, Domain-Specific FMs, and Generative/Creative AI domains.

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Seattle, Washington



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