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Developer Advocate Engineer
Posted on 6/6/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Develop, and communicate sample applications for the Zoom Developer community
  • Create technical tutorials, developer guides, and other community-facing resources
  • Assist developers directly on our community forums and chat channels
  • Understand, measure, and direct the impact of new changes to the developer ecosystem
  • Assist in the launch of new products and services built for a developer audience
  • Channel community feedback and your own perspective to advocate for improved developer experience on the platform
  • Experience in developer advocacy, software engineering, or related developer-facing roles
  • A community-focused approach to achieving developer platform goals
  • Strong grasp of client-side JavaScript as a major focus of this role will be working with our JavaScript-based SDKs
  • Familiarity with Node.js, Python or Java applications is great to have
  • Effective communication with developers in written and virtual settings
  • A good grasp on how APIs and SDKs are designed and implemented; however, you might not have created one yourself yet
  • Humility, gratitude, a service-oriented set of values, and a drive to deliver happiness to those around you
  • A willingness to challenge yourself and current assumptions in a growth and team-oriented mindset
  • Experience implementing user authorization (OAuth 2.0) is a major plus
  • An interest in public-facing presentations isn't a requirement, but will be supported if that's something you're energized by!
  • Work to define how and where you can be most impactful in achieving the goals of the team
  • Explore our JavaScript SDKs and identify opportunities to educate developers on the best practices of their implementation
  • Identify gaps and areas of opportunity to improve developer experience
  • Release initial community-facing resources
  • Identify areas you can push yourself and those around you
  • Try something new, and learn if it doesn't go as planned
  • Build and release new sample applications, reference code, and other developer guides based on identified opportunities
  • Start working directly with community developers to advise their use of new and existing developer products
  • Spend time understanding a developer's experience building on the Zoom Developer Platform, familiarizing yourself with Zoom's products, APIs and SDKs
  • Create a sample application using Zoom's APIs for products like Meetings, Webinars, and Phone, or our SDKs for Meetings and Zoom Apps
  • Document and share your learnings publicly with developers and with internal teams working on Products and Documentation
  • Shadow and embed yourself with other Developer Advocates and cross-functional teams to follow their work and understand the problems we're working to solve
Zoom is a video conferencing platform.
Company Overview
Zoom is a video conferencing platform.