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Dv - CPU
Posted on 5/12/2022
San Jose, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Frequently transports and install equipment up to 5 lbs
  • Performs required tasks at various heights (e.g. standing or sitting)
  • Monitors and utilizes computers and test equipment for more than 6 hours a day
  • Continuous communication which includes the comprehension of information with colleagues, customers, and vendors both in person and remotely
  • Work with CPU and SOC architects to understand concept and high level system requirements
  • Develop detailed test and coverage plans based on the architecture and micro-architecture
  • Develop verification methodology, ensuring scalable and portable environment
  • Develop verification environment, including all the respective components such as stimulus, checkers, assertions, trackers, coverage
  • Develop verification plans and test benches for your area
  • Execute verification plans, including design bring-up, DV environment bring-up, regression enabling for all features under your care, debug of the test failures
  • Track and report DV progress using a variety of metrics, including bugs and coverage
Desired Qualifications
  • Deep knowledge in processor verification function and architecture, in areas such as cache coherence, memory ordering and consistency, prefetching, branch prediction, renaming, speculative execution, and memory translation
  • Knowledge in Random Instruction Sequencing (RIS) and testing associated as block/unit and chip level for proving correctness
  • Have lead a small team of verification engineers doing CPU verification
  • Advanced techniques such as formal, assertions, and silicon bringup a plus
  • In-depth knowledge of processor function, architecture, and micro-architecture
  • Experience in writing test plans, portable benches, transactors, and assembly
  • Experience with many different verification methodologies and tools such as simulators, coverage collection, gate level simulation, waveform viewers, or even mixed signal verification
  • Able to develop and work independently on a block/unit of the design

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