Scientist – Molecular Biology
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201-500 employees

Programmable cell therapy company
Company Overview
ArsenalBio’s mission is to develop efficacious and safe cellular therapies for patients with chronic diseases, initially cancer. ArsenalBio is creating products are being designed to herald the transition of adoptive cell therapy from a hospital based treatment to outpatient therapy, like most other cancer treatments.
San Bruno, CA, USA
Experience Level
Biology & Biotech
  • PhD in molecular biology or a related field, or Masters with 5+ years relevant experience in industry or academia, or Bachelors with 7+ years of relevant research experience in industry or academia
  • Experience in designing complex, multi-part vectors for gene expression, genetic reporter systems, and genome engineering applications
  • Experience in devising sound cloning strategies for complex DNA construction
  • Experience developing and optimizing protocols for nucleic acid cloning, amplification, modification and analysis
  • Experience optimizing and developing protocols for DNA assembly and library construction for applications such as synthetic biology, functional genomics and/or protein engineering
  • Experience with automation and HTP cloning workflows
  • Working knowledge of next-generation sequencing technologies and workflows
  • Entrepreneurial behaviors demonstrated by agility, accountability, transparency, resourcefulness, and ability to get things done
  • Ability to quickly learn new skills and knowledge on the job, demonstrate productivity, and deliver high-quality results
  • Growth mindset with eagerness to learn & adapt, ability to think outside the box, creative approach to problem solving, and comfort in working with ambiguous data in an open-ended, exploratory process
  • Design and build DNA constructs and libraries encoding synthetic circuits and therapeutic modules for high-throughput functional screens
  • Provide expertise in cloning & broader molecular biology applications and strategies as functional point lead for product and program development
  • Develop, operationalize, and optimize automation-enabled capabilities to scale DNA construction and characterization
  • Work with interdisciplinary teams to establish and test novel adoptive cell therapy approaches
  • Collaborate with program management to set milestones, deliverables, and timelines for active products and programs
  • Maintain familiarity with the relevant current literature and its application to synthetic biology and genome engineering
  • Coordinate tasks across multiple projects, demonstrating prioritization and planning
  • Interpret and effectively execute experiments in line with project timelines and goals