Head of B2B Sales
Posted on 12/17/2022

501-1,000 employees

Venture capital firm
Company Overview
Atomic is a place for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build, launch, and scale products and companies solving painful problems in huge markets. Atomic pioneered the studio-fund model of bringing together ideas, capital, talent, and resources to start companies in parallel and has built successful companies across industries ranging from fintech, web3, and the workplace to proptech, education, and the enterprise.
Remote • United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Sales & Account Management
  • You thrive in a startup environment. You're scrappy and adventurous. You leverage all resources at your disposal (not just the obvious ones). You appreciate the fast pace and ever-changing nature of startups. You're absurdly persistent and you take pride in doing more with less
  • You're a proud co-owner. You have a sense of urgency - not the frantic kind, but the quick and deliberate kind. You know how to separate what must be done well now and what can be improved later. You take initiative to make the team more efficient
  • You're curious and think BIG. You like to think about how things"work". When you don't understand, you keep digging until you understand it. When you don't know, you say you don't know. When you're wrong, you say you're wrong and that's A-okay
  • You're a light. You have infectious enthusiasm. You speak up and share your thoughts, and create a safe space for others to do the same. You're comfortable showing vulnerability, and listening when others do too. You love celebrating big wins
  • You put the team first. You're reliable and fully invested in the task at hand. You're patient and flexible with teammates. You know that your best work happens when you're happy, healthy, and rested. You prioritize wellness and vacations, and encourage your teammates to do the same
  • You're a straight shooter. You over-invest in communication but do it to understand, not to convince people you're right. You're open to suggestions and criticism. You use approachable language, not jargon. You're open and honest, and you trust others do the same
  • You see the big picture. You care about doing the right thing. You value diversity and go out of your way to ensure others feel welcome. You enjoy hanging out with your teammates, are low-ego, and make the workplace more fun for everyone
  • Experience: 5+ years of Sales in a high-growth company
  • Zero to 1: You're a self starter. You can go from an idea, to a first meeting, to a successful sale in rapid time
  • Execution: You're a master of execution. You successfully test and iterate your approach to improve our success rate
  • Problem Solving: You define the important problems to solve. You can figure out solutions to solve them. You know success metrics keep you honest on if you're making progress
  • You know your numbers: You know the power of tracking and analytics. You understand what tools to use and how to track events to give the data you need to make decisions
  • Growth Strategy: You're able to deftly move from big picture company growth strategy to the specific sales tactics we need to implement over the next 6 months. You are able to work closely with Growth Marketing and Content to achieve shared goals
  • Customer empathy: You love talking with customers. You're able to empathize and get to the root cause of their pain points. You're able to define customer problem and make improvements to product
  • You'll create our B2B sales strategy. We are currently a consumer company. You will create a sales strategy and go-to-market plan that will allow us to start selling a Financial Wellness solution as an employee perk to businesses
  • You'll source and sell to our first business partners. You'll move from strategy to execution. You'll seek out new business leads, and convince them to join our nascent Employee Wellness program. You'll launch our new business partners and make sure of their success
  • You'll scale our sales program. You'll figure out the 0 to 1 of our new B2B program, and scale to 1000s of businesses in a short period of time
  • You'll build a sales engine. You'll design and build our sales engine. You'll optimize a sales funnel/lifecycle across multiple channels
  • You'll make a difference. It's not every day you get to change the future of personal finance. Except at Playbook, it actually is. Your work will be the reason people live fuller lives, reach their life goals, become financially free, and realize their dreams for themselves and their families