Software Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
The Browser Company

51-200 employees

Developing a personalized, efficient web browser
Company Overview
The Browser Company, based in New York, is a forward-thinking organization that is redefining the internet browsing experience with its product, Arc, which is designed to be faster, more personal, and more efficient, addressing the common issues users face with traditional browsers. The company's culture is rooted in collaboration and creativity, with a team comprising of experienced professionals from renowned companies like Instagram, Tesla, Google Chrome, Amazon, Snap, Slack, and Pinterest. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of web browsing, coupled with their industry expertise, positions them as a leader in the tech industry, making it an exciting and rewarding place to work.

Company Stage

Series A

Total Funding





New York, New York

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

Experience Level
Desired Skills
UI/UX Design
Software Engineering
  • You have experience with product development on iOS/macOS, preferably in Swift
  • You have experience tech leading critical projects or initiatives within your team and organization
  • You've worked on large, complex codebases
  • You're product minded and user driven
  • You're pragmatic and can see the bigger picture; you're able to reason about prioritization and scope
  • You're excited to work in a startup environment with daily stand-ups and quick product validation cycles
  • You bias to action. We like learning as quickly as possible, so we embrace failing fast to refine our code, systems, and processes rapidly
  • You have at least 4 hours of overlap time with team members located in Eastern Time Zone
  • Work with our Design and Membership teams to decide product experiments and adjustments to the browser
  • Pair-program with designers to prototype and explore new and interesting interaction models
  • Implement custom native user interfaces in Swift
  • Optimize UI and application code for performance, quality, and maintainability
  • Scope, architect, and implement large product initiatives including UI, logic, networking, and persistence components
  • Get onboarded onto the team and codebase with an onboarding buddy
  • Receive a number of onboarding presentation on how we give each other feedback, the phases a startup goes through, our technical strategy, and more
  • Get familiar with Swift, The Composable Architecture, and our development environment
  • Have shipped a few bug fixes and features across our codebase
  • Have pair programmed with a large portion of the engineering team
  • Have worked on 5+ projects across the codebase, each with a different set of engineers and designers
  • Be the point of contact for bugs and product iterations of a few product surface areas
  • Be involved in product discussions about certain product surface areas
  • Be involved in weekly engineering discussions about our architecture, how we do code review, code style, and more
  • Be regularly posting feedback about using the browser in our #dogfooding channel
  • Be interview trained and interviewing candidates for roles at the Browser Company
  • Be familiar with some C++ and how we interact with the underlying browser engine
  • Be adjusting our terraform config to deploy new infrastructure or update our build pipelines
  • Be leading projects from conception to production launch
  • Be mentoring and pair programming with newer engineers to help them get spun up on the codebase