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Powered Equipment Operator Cut C
Posted on 4/12/2022
United States
Experience Level
  • Experience using hand tools and/or hand-held power tools
  • Basic computer skills
  • Experience with using precision measuring tools and equipment such as micrometers, calipers and dial indicators, etc
  • Experience utilizing and following detailed work instructions, reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings, or specifications
  • This is an hourly position governed by the IAM Collective Bargaining agreement
  • Current Boeing employees working in Puget Sound and Portland must submit an Employee Request Transfer (ERT) to be considered in the eligible candidate pool. Resumes of current Puget Sound Boeing employees submitted via Careers at Boeing will not be considered
  • Set up, adjust and operate all types of heavy duty power machines* to bead, flare, flange, burr, upset, form, expand, etc., any type and size tube and duct parts and components to specifications
  • Perform hydrostatic leak test and carbon dioxide - chemical leak test on tube and duct fittings and assemblies
  • Hand form, straighten, finish and correct machine formed parts and assemblies distorted from head treat or machine operations involving offsets, compound curvatures and contours, joggels or varying angles that require bending, straightening, shrinking and exact fitting to checking fixtures, cross section templates, checking gauges, etc
  • Through the use of established methods and predetermined set ups, perform limited operation of a variety of power equipment such as drills, saws, small non-standard brake press and punch press machines, etc., to accomplish tasks such as blanking, forming, cutting, trimming, drilling of parts
  • Perform a variety of finish tasks such as, buffing, curing, deburring, and checking
  • Normally assigned work that has been previously broken down and sequenced by an employee of a higher grade
  • Set up, adjust and operate power saws such as radial arm, Do-All, band, table, swing, cutoff, abrasive and hack saws to cut metal, wood, plastic and other materials to specified lengths
  • Check own work for conformance to requirements and specifications
  • Operate hand router to make cutouts for windows, air vents, tubing runs, etc., and to trim and cut various parts to templates, jigs, or router fixtures
  • For the routing of milled skins, perform the following typical duties: Install router bits, collars and milling cutters
  • Secure holding fixtures and templates approved for use by Router Operator - Milled skins
  • Position milled skins and plate on router table and secure to table. Drill and/or stack drill parts where set up has been checked by Router Operator - Milled skins A
Desired Qualifications
  • High school graduate or GED preferred
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