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Global Strategic Events
Posted on 7/15/2022
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • Experiential Marketing can be stressful and unpredictable. The ability to manage a team of diverse, skilled, and passionate individuals towards a consistent outcome is vital. This includes the soft skills of listening, encouraging, and motivating as well as the more prescriptive elements such as department organization, on and off boarding, career development, reviews, and evaluations
  • With development times up to one year, the need to be flexible to changing circumstances, corporate objectives, and partners' needs is required. Plans and desired outcome will change so this individual needs to remain focused on the outcomes while being flexible and embracing adjustments in strategy, creative, and delivery
  • With ServiceNow's growth and ambitions, and the far-reaching objectives of the events within the portfolio, the ability to co-create solutions and objectives, share ownership, and place the greater good at the top of the list is important. An influencer mindset - rather than command - is required
  • Innovation is an important part of our programs. This includes not only exciting experiences and environments, but strategies for online and in person, content design and consumption, marketing and communications, partner engagement, media and keynote production, and event technologies. The ability to help the company separate “bright shiny objects” from truly impactful and valuable innovations will be highly valued
  • Problem solving is an art and skill. This position is critical in ensuring problems are understood, options outlined with clear and complete pros/cons, and solutions agreed to and implemented
  • At the core of this position is the management of people, time, and money. Projects need to be on time, on budget, and delivered with the right people in the right positions. The Strategic Events Team is home to many with deep experience in marketing, communications, demand generation, event technology for onsite and online, content strategy, content and message development and deployment, keynote delivery, media creation, project management, and more. Leading this team will require a balance of hands on and hands off management of these teams and an understanding of each function
  • Experiential Marketing at ServiceNow is an investment. As such, determining what is measurement and how, and what is reported and how is often job one. A deep understanding and experience with measuring diagnostics, results, and return on investment is required
  • 10+ years in the event and/or experiential marketing space
  • 5+ years in the technology, cloud, software, or like industries
  • 5+ years leading a team of 10 people or more. Preferably with many working remote and around the world
  • 5+ years working with or leading marketing, communications, media and stage production, content strategy, content delivery, event technology, program management, and other key areas of delivery
  • Ability and willingness to easily travel to event locations globally
  • Experience managing digital and in person events with budget >$10M and audiences >10,000
  • Experience with globally delivered programs and/or working with teams across the marketing and sales organizations around the world

10,001+ employees

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Company mission
ServiceNow provides cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage, and automate services for enterprise operations.