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Senior Fullstack Engineer, icy.tools
Posted on 5/18/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • An entrepreneurial engineer who has a love, new or old, for Web3 technology and blockchain data
  • A driven individual who loves thinking big picture while executing on small details
  • You enjoy working across the stack and have experience delivering features end-to-end, with an knack for understanding edge cases and user experience
  • You have a growth mindset and constantly strive to confront challenges, learn, and adapt to the fast paced landscape of Web3 products
  • You have a thoughtful approach to engineering that allows you to build future-proof features, write organized code, and iterate quickly
  • 6+ years of professional experience, including at least 2 years with some or most of our stack: React, GraphQL, Typescript, Node.js, PostgresQL, AWS
  • A successful track record of shipping features for a product used by hundreds of thousands of users
  • Industry experience in crypto/web3/DeFi
  • Capable of executing on everything while staying autonomous with a high level of ownership and individual responsibility
  • Writing and reviewing code up and down the stack as needed
  • Owning and releasing frontend, backend, and fullstack product features
  • Integrating third party services and APIs to ingest data or enhance our core product
  • Exploring greenfield projects, speccing out new engineering efforts, and building proof of concepts

11-50 employees

Blockchain API & node infrastructure
Company Overview
QuickNode's mission is to help blockchain ecosystems scale, by providing accessible core infrastructure. The company operates a web3 developer platform which helps users build & scale blockchain-powered applications (dApps). QuickNode provides a global API that provides instant access to over 12 networks including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.
Company Values
  • Excellence: Working towards the best possible outcome is the only acceptable strategy for us. In our pursuit of excellence, we understand that clarity is key - so we add context to every ask or large interaction including source, supporting evidence, any convictions, stakeholders and any logic or reasoning used to reach a conclusion.
  • Progress: We show up with a growth mindset, every single person on the team can learn. In fact, we know it's important to never stop learning - from each other, customers and our craft. We believe that if we learn daily, our goal of simple and elegant solutions becomes exponentially easier to achieve over time.
  • Humility: It is important to recognize each and every day that our customers are the reason we work so hard. Customers come first. Additionally, we believe kindness is a cornerstone of our success - we treat each other and customers with kindness and trust that every person we interact with has positive intentions.
  • Trust: We expect every person working on QuickNode to speak with integrity, honesty, and truthfulness, and say only what they mean or desire. Use their words in a positive direction of truth and love. Perhaps most importantly we want to trust every team member to take ownership of their actions.
  • Passion: We know that all of the previous principles are only worth anything if you're passionate about the mission, the team you work with and the work itself. Every single person on the QuickNode team is dedicated to making QuickNode the absolute best experience, both internally and externally!