Assistant Manager

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics

1,001-5,000 employees

Personal Care Product Manufacturing

Consumer Goods


50% discount off all products, unconventional retail structure, opportunities for growth within the company

Junior, Mid, Senior

Pleasanton, CA, USA

Required Skills
Customer Service
  • 1-3 years managing or supervising in a retail environment
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Excellent analytical, critical thinking and troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Strong customer service, supervisory and sales skills
  • Knowledge and interest in skincare, natural beauty and ethical business
  • Ability to work flexible hours to meet the needs of the shop including holidays, evenings and weekends
  • Experience with consultation-based customer service models
  • Ability to develop and train staff through positive coaching and feedback
  • Proficient in excel, Microsoft suit, and adaptable to other systems as required
  • Basic HR skills in hiring, scheduling, training, and performance management
  • Experience in cross cultural collaboration and DEIB or social justice training
  • Fluency in Spanish, French or other languages
  • Collaborate with your team on plans to exceed daily sales goals and ensure a unique and inclusive customer experience
  • Educate customers and staff on brand values, and articulate the position on Fighting Animal Testing, Freshest Cosmetics, Ethical Buying, 100% Vegetarian, Handmade, and Naked Packaging
  • Increase the depth of product knowledge through constant learning and consistently make informed product recommendations
  • Demonstrate strong business acumen and understanding of metrics, budgets, and reports to deliver profitable results
  • Be present to support the team on the sales floor, answer questions, remove obstacles, problem solve, and motivate them to meet their sales goals
  • Own your own development, assess your performance, seek feedback and resources and opportunities to improve and elevate your skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Support the staffing of the shop with top-performing staff by working actively within your markets to network, recruit, hire, and succession plan
  • Collaborate with your Manager on creating and executing plans that improve staff engagement, retention, performance, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging practices
  • Support your manager to keep the shop compliant and ensure staff are practicing company standards for opening and closing, product integrity, respectful workplace, health and safety, and daily communication
  • Support the training of your inventory team to abide by fresh standards and rotation rules and manage ordering to ensure the right products, in the right amounts are in the store at the right times within your allocated budget
  • Identify and support the development of your team to take pride in a clean and beautiful work environment and follow the merchandising and design standards to provide a consistent customer experience and drive sales
  • Ensure the right number of staff with the right skill levels are scheduled at peak times and that breaks and meals are allocated and recorded appropriately to ensure staff wellbeing and payroll accuracy

Every brand builds itself on a philosophy. It’s what defines them, shapes them, makes or breaks them. It’s what prompts people to gravitate towards or turn away from them. Our approach to skincare keeps in mind that everyone is unique, and that applies to their skin, too. We believe in allowing skin to function naturally, with as little interference as possible. We love products that benefit the skin in a gentle way. We appreciate that you’re the person who’s most familiar with how your skin behaves and reacts to the changing seasons and products you use, and we’ll always be there to help you find the perfect products and skincare routines.

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