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Senior Gameplay Animator
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Raleigh, NC, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Unreal Engine
  • Passion for making and playing games
  • Enthusiastic, positive, team-oriented; must have the ability to interact and collaborate with all departments and teams
  • Self-sufficient and self-motivated, can perform duties with little oversight
  • Maya, Motion Builder or 3ds Max expertise
  • A good instinct toward realistic motion
  • Familiarity with the Unreal Engine art pipeline
  • Knowledge of skinning and rigging
  • Outstanding creativity and curiosity
  • Experience working with motion capture data
  • Multiple shipped AAA games as a Senior or Principle Gameplay Animator (or equivalent)
  • Minimum of 5 years working in the video-games industry
  • Passion for opening up the boundaries of interactive character animation
  • Good general technical knowledge of how games work
  • Takes ownership of assignments and proactively identifies new tasks to tackle
  • Finishes tasks quickly. Is an expert at prioritization and letting others know when priorities must change
  • Build high quality game animation using both motion capture and keyframe animation techniques
  • Ability to create high quality animation content in tools like Maya or Motion Builder and implement them accurately in Unreal Engine
  • Be involved with motion capture shoots
  • Learn and understand how Atomic Arcade gameplay systems work
  • Work with Art, Engineering and Design Team to invent, build and implement in game animations that are incredibly satisfying to play and exciting to watch
  • Clean and polish motion capture data with high fidelity
  • Think creatively to find systemic solutions that push animation fidelity and/or increase efficiency
  • Help to implement, maintain, and debug animation systems and iteratively improve animation pipelines and tools
Desired Qualifications
  • High level blueprint/state machine experience in Unreal
  • Experience with motion capture directing and acting
  • Experience developing 3rd person action games
  • Knowledge and experience using a Xsens or other motion-capture suite
  • Python knowledge
  • Additional tech experience , Unreal AnimGraphs, physics, cloth, IK, etc
Wizards of the Coast
Game publisher
Company Overview
Wizards of the Coast creates entertainment that inspires creativity, sparks passions, forges friendships, and fosters communities around the globe. Their games seek to harness the boundless energy and imagination of their players. In every pursuit, they seek to inspire a lifetime love for games.
  • Direct & Indirect Compensation
  • Employee Health Support
  • Caring for Families
  • Parental Leave
  • Core Hours
  • Generous Time Off Programs
  • Free and Discounted Products
  • 4 hours/ Month Paid Volunteer Time
Company Core Values
  • Be legendary
  • Build a well-rounded crew
  • Delve into dungeons
  • Don't split the party
  • It takes a multiverse