Senior Software Engineer
Analytics, Java
Posted on 2/3/2024

1,001-5,000 employees

Enterprise search, observability, and security solutions provider
Company Overview
Elastic stands out as a leading tech company due to its robust solutions in Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security, which are trusted by over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies, including industry leaders like Netflix, Uber, and Microsoft. The company's culture promotes accelerated results, with a focus on enhancing customer and employee experiences, ensuring the smooth running of essential applications, and providing top-tier cybersecurity. Its ability to deliver services across multiple clouds or on-premises gives it a competitive edge, offering flexibility and scalability to its 17,000+ customers.
Data & Analytics

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San Francisco, California

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Remote in USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
Data Analysis
Software Engineering
  • You have strong skills in core Java and are conversant in the standard library of data structures and concurrency constructs, as well as newer features like lambdas
  • You have a strong desire to optimize and make use of the most efficient data structures and algorithms
  • You work with a high level of autonomy, and are able to take on projects and guide them from beginning to end. This covers both technical design and working with other engineers to develop needed components
  • You've used several data storage technologies like Elasticsearch, Solr, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or Cassandra and have some idea how they work and why they work that way
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Like we said, collaborating on the internet is hard. We try to be respectful, empathetic, and trusting in all of our interactions. And we'd expect that from you too
  • You'll be a full time Elasticsearch contributor, building data intensive new features and fixing intriguing bugs, all while making the code easier to understand. You are able to research what available data structures and algorithms work best to implement a new functionality or enhancement. Sometimes you'll need to implement a data structure or algorithm in the code base. And there will be times when you'll need to get close to the operating system and hardware
  • You'll work with a globally distributed team of experienced engineers focused on the search analytics capabilities of Elasticsearch
  • You'll be an expert in several areas of Elasticsearch and everyone will turn to you when they have a question about them. You'll improve those areas based on your questions and your instincts
  • You'll work with community members from all over the world on issues and pull requests, sometimes triaging them and handing them off to other experts and sometimes handling them yourself
  • You'll write idiomatic modern Java -- Elasticsearch is 99.8% Java!
Desired Qualifications
  • You're comfortable developing collaboratively. Giving and receiving feedback on code and approaches and APIs is hard! points if you've collaborated over the internet because that's harder. Double points for asynchronous collaboration over the internet. That's even harder but we do it anyway because it's the best way we know how to build software
  • You've built things with Elasticsearch before
  • You've worked in the search and information retrieval space. You're familiar with the data structures and algorithms associated with information retrieval
  • You've worked on data storage technology
  • You have experience working in data analytics, especially time-series or geospatial
  • You have experience designing, leading and owning cross-functional initiatives
  • You've worked with open source projects and are familiar with different styles of source control workflow and continuous integration