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Certified Work Incentives Coordinator
Posted on 1/20/2023
Fresno, CA, USA • California, USA • Oakland, CA, USA • Remote • Sacramento...
Experience Level
  • Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university
  • Two years paid or voluntary work experience as an advocate in at least one of these areas:
  • Knowledge of Social Security Disability Benefits and other federal, state, and local work incentives programs
  • ~~ Current CWIC certification by Virginia Commonwealth University
  • ~~ The ability to obtain a Federal Level 5 Suitability clearance is required for access to WIPA program information. The federal government determines whether to grant the clearance after a background investigation involving a credit check and inquiries to law enforcement, employers, schools, and references for the past five years
  • Duties are performed in office and home environments
  • Duties frequently require sitting and communicating with others
  • Must be able to transport oneself to work-related meetings, facilities, and settings where clients live
  • Conduct intakes and provide Information & Referral services to beneficiaries
  • Obtain and evaluate information about a beneficiary
  • Research and interpret rules, regulations, and laws
  • Analyze documentation to determine the potential impact of employment on benefits
  • Educate beneficiaries on the potential impacts of employment and the work incentives that are available
  • Develop individualized Benefits Summary and Analysis reports, Work Incentives Plans, and other correspondence
  • Deliver follow-along services to help beneficiaries manage their benefits, report income, and access available work incentives
  • Perform other duties as assigned
Desired Qualifications
  • Life experience as a person with a disability or direct experience as a caregiver of a person with a disability
  • Knowledge of laws, rights, and services for people with disabilities, and/or direct representation of people with disabilities
  • Able to communicate fluently and write effectively in Spanish or an Asian language, including the ability to interpret and translate
  • Able to communicate using American Sign Language
  • Contacts with disability organizations and/or within disability communities
  • Experience with or extensive contacts in ethnic or language distinct communities
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