Electrical Engineer
Posted on 2/15/2023
Rhode Island, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • 5+ years of experience in the Aerospace, Maritime or Automotive fields
  • BS/MS in Electrical or Aerospace Engineering
  • Experience with low voltage power distribution and protection
  • Experience with serial networks, particularly CAN, RS485/422, ARINC 429 and ethernet
  • Experience with documenting, assembling and debugging cables and cable harnesses
  • Strong organization and communication skills, willingness to learn and mentor
  • Biased towards action while maintaining a focus on safety and quality
  • Solid foundation in electrical engineering principles including basic circuit design, signal, and power distribution, transmission line theory, EMI and EMC, etc
  • Familiar with writing test plans and reports and conducting tests for mechanical and electrical components
  • Ability to write detailed specifications and requirements for vendors producing avionics components and subsystems
  • Experience debugging data busses such as CAN, RS485 and ethernet
  • Hands on experience and familiarity with shop tools and their proper use as well as best practices regarding the assembly and testing of both low and high voltage electrical systems including soldering, wire stripping and splicing, connector pin/socket crimping and assembly, etc
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience using MATLAB/Simulink, Python or other programming tools for varying purposes ranging from data reduction to analysis/simulation
  • Experience with energy storage systems such as Lithium-Polymer or Lithium-Ion batteries including a deep understanding of cell chemistry and manufacturing, battery management solutions and protection
  • Experience with high power electric propulsion systems and power electronics
  • Familiarity with RF communication systems
  • Fundamental understanding of mechanical and thermal engineering concepts
  • Prototyping and production manufacturing experience
  • Experience with a CAD package such as CATIA, NX or Solidworks
  • FAA pilot's license or boating/sailing experience
  • Avionics technician experience
  • Familiarity with Siemens Capital Essentials (Capital Vesys)

11-50 employees

Electric, flying, passenger-carrying machines
Company Overview
REGENT's mission is to drastically reduce the cost and headache of regional transportation between coastal cities. The company develops & manufactures all-electric, passenger-carrying, wing-in-ground-effect vehicles to service coastal routes.