Product Manager
Data Platform
Posted on 3/31/2023

201-500 employees

Modern healthcare platform
Company Overview
Forward is on a mission is to create a world where everyone has access to the best medical care available
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • Moving healthcare from a service-based industry dependent on human labor to a tech driven product that scales
  • Designing the processes and infrastructure that will drive the healthcare platform of the future
  • Leading interdisciplinary functional teams of designers, engineers, doctors and operators to reimagine every health interaction and rebuild healthcare as a product from the bottom up
  • Challenging yourself by working on a massive scope (seriously, many of our products could have been their own startup - we built our own telemedicine app, exam room screen, body scanner and electronic medical record system)
  • Working on an inspiring team alongside founders, PMs, designers, and engineers hailing from top companies like: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Palantir, IDEO
  • User-obsessed. You are deeply empathetic, constantly putting yourself in the shoes of our users (whether that be our patients or great clinical team)
  • Impact-driven. You care about your impact upon the world. That means more building and less talking as you work towards something that has the chance of changing people's lives
  • A Renaissance (wo)man. You're curious, always learning, and as comfortable talking shop with a doctor as you are with a designer or engineer
  • A good helicopter. You can alternate between 10,000 foot and 10 foot views easily, and at the right time. Product vision? Fit-and-finish? All in a day's work
  • Creative. You don't need to be asked to think outside of the know when to climb hills and when to jump them
  • Scrappy. You're a hustler who will get your hands dirty and protect your builders at every turn
  • A leader. You're kind, charismatic, and humble. Teams want to be in the trenches with you, and to build something great by your side
  • 2+ years of Product Management experience shipping impactful products and features
  • BA/BS in STEM major required (CS, CE, EE, ME, symbolic systems, Physics, Math or Chemistry)
  • Startup experience preferred